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Welcome to Peaceful Island. Here is a wonderful space created for you to enjoy the appreciation and love that crystals and gemstones bring into life. This is a place to feel good and to think about your well being. There are many ways to have a good experience here with our crystals. There is the shop where you can find the stone that you are desiring, there is Insights by Peaceful Island where you can learn about stones and how to attract your desires and well being. Download your free eBook: Living Your Peaceful Island. Enjoy our new Backflow Incense Burners with Happy Buddha in meditation and as home decor.




Calming, Healing & Transformative

Wrist Mala Bracelets




What are Mala Beads?

Malas have a very powerful effect on the mind, body, and spirit. They are used in a meditation practice and as a tool to manifest a desired outcome. They can also be used daily as a healing necklace or bracelet. Malas beads can be made of a variety of healing and spiritual materials. Often used are special types of woods with grounding qualities and different types of healing crystals.




Authentic Tibetan Mala Bead Necklaces

Deeply emotional healing and wonderful life-changing benefits

Protective, Lucky & Blessed Malas


Most Loved!

Energizing & Motivating - Tiger Eye Mala Necklace & Bracelet Set


Find true freedom with these extraordinary Mala prayer beads. Use them to release the feelings and memories that have been holding you back. These crystals will help you let go of the restraints that do not serve you so that you can achieve your potential.

Energies this Mala brings: cleansing, self-confidence, lower stress, imagination, safety.

To read more about how this Mala Necklace Set can assist you in your life click for more.


Most popular!

Deeply Respected & Admired Mala Necklace Bracelet Set


Here you will find strong energies of calmness, clarity, and decisiveness within our Deeply Respected & Admired Mala Necklace Bracelet Set.

Wearing this Mala necklace gives physical energy to your energy field. Using the Japamala necklace together with the Mala bracelet amplifies the properties of the stones and their energetic benefits.

Energies this Mala brings: clarity, patience, insight, protection.

To read more about how this Mala Necklace Set can assist you in your life click for more.







Wrap & Stone bracelets with fantastic properties

Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear
— Iris Apfel

The Love Pink Opal Leather Wrap Bracelet

Benefits & Properties of Pink Opal

Pink Opal is a rare crystal known as the Stone Of Hope. Pink opal will heal and calm all matters of the heart helping you to let go of previous wounds. This wonderful stone will help you heal from past or current break-ups and help you to move forward with an healed and open heart. Pink Opal also has wonderful benefits when it comes to enhancing and attracting love. It will promote a more loving and passionate relationship allowing a deeper connection to form with your partner. This is the perfect crystal for bringing your heart chakra back to harmony.

Complete Calmness Women's Bohemian Cuff Bracelet

Benefits & Properties of Amazonite

Amazonite comes in a variation of colors: white, minty green to a light opaque blue color and is the stone of truth, hope, trust, honor, communication and integrity. It is known for it's abilities to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, and intellect. Amazonite is often associated with the throat chakra, and as such, known to be beneficial to communication. It will help you to express yourself with more freedom and confidence.

Handmade Healing Cuff Bracelets


Handmade Bohemian Jewelry

Enchanting, Chic & Beautiful

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Keeping you in mind


We decided to free ourselves from the middleman and set out to find jewelers and artisans to work together with. The best part is, we get to offer you our handcrafted jewelry at a fair price.


We work with a team of talented artisans & jewelers that bring our designs to life. We carefully select high quality materials from natural woods to genuine and ethically sourced gemstones & crystals.


Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique
— Elizabeth Taylor

Stand out from the rest with our most popular handmade Boho Statement Necklaces


Layered Necklaces


Long Crystal Crescent Moon Pendant - Layered Necklace


This long natural stone layered Bohemian necklace is the perfect accessory for completing the elegant look. This beautiful moon necklace is finished with stunning crystal detailing that offers fantastic healing benefits. Look great and feel great!

Benefits of Amazonite • Clarity • Hope • Calmness

Best Bohemian Stackable Midi Rings


Gypsy Black Night Ring Stackable Midi Set


Ultimate Pastel Stackable Bohemian Ring Set


Begin to Radiate your True Royal Self

The Royal Opal Crystal Ring


Opal is a precious stone and the energies of this will stone assist you to express your true self. You will begin to feel confident and more comfortable in your own skin, and this will radiate through your words, thoughts, and actions.

Your Cherished Rings









Handmade Women’s Bracelets With Meaning




Follow Your Heart - Rose Quartz Bohemian Love Bracelet Set

Rose Quartz works wonders and simply by the presence of this crystal will send calming, soothing, and loving energies not only to you and the people closest to you, but throughout the entire room where your rose quartz is located. Place it near anything that you want to have a positive outcome and this loving crystal will attract the right kind of energies to it.

Your Small Positive Daily Reminders…








Handcrafted Healing Jewelry

Rare, Cool & Meaningful




Derived by the legends who defined America!

Mountain Men the True Heroes of United States

Created to reinforce and enhance the man’s strongest characteristics, a true man that stands for what he believes in and fights for what he wants.

Channel the unstoppable energy that these hand selected earthstones brings you while expressing your raw and true style with the best that Nature has to offer.





The raw masculinity of Mountain Men was the starting point of this collection. This stone bracelet is inspired by the great John C. Frémont who was a man of his own. He was born illegitimately by French immigrants in the early 1800s. Frémont always followed his own intuition and did things he deemed important. Many historians described him as controversial, impetuous, and contradictory but his ambitious drive for success is what set him apart from others.

Embrace your true powerful masculine qualities

John David

The raw masculinity of Mountain Men was the starting point of this collection. This stone bracelet is inspired by the brave John David. Abandoned at the age of two, John was left to fend for himself. He did not let this hinder him in any way. In 1847 he was one of eight Mountain Men who defended the mill against 500 intruders. They were greatly outnumbered but he was one of the two men who survived this brutal attack.

Arrive in Style With Men’s Superior Stone Bracelets




Men’s Handcrafted Viking Jewelry