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108 Mala | Prayer Bead Necklaces | Mala Jewlery

Fall in Love with Your Perfect Mala Bead Jewelry made of Authentic Crystals & Gemstones, personally handmade with careful balancing of the Energetic Properties by Highly Trained Practitioners in Energy Healing to bring the Best Benefits to You as Japamala, 108 Bead Malas, & Mala Necklaces and beautiful Wrist Mala Bracelets

Peaceful Glow Mala Necklace

Glow From Within. Increase Mind Body Spirit Health. Red Jasper Beads Amazonite Beads Purple Authentic Amethyst Beads Aquamarine Beads Blue Lapis Lazuli Beads Picture Jasper Beads Blue Tassel
buddhist mala prayer bead necklace crystals for safety.chakra healing jewelry crystals for beauty online Miami Fort Lauderdale Port St. Lucie 108 mala gemstones for positive energy
Glow From Within. Increase Mind Body Spirit Health. Red Jasper Beads Amazonite Beads Purple Authentic Amethyst Beads Aquamarine Beads Blue Lapis Lazuli Beads Picture Jasper Beads Blue Tassel
buddhist mala prayer bead necklace crystals for safety.chakra healing jewelry crystals for beauty online Miami Fort Lauderdale Port St. Lucie 108 mala gemstones for positive energy

Peaceful Glow Mala Necklace


This is a gorgeous Mala necklace that will open up your inner radiance revealing your glowing smile, glowing skin, and the lightness that is truly you.

No matter what life is like currently wearing our Peaceful Glow Mala Necklace will soothe and calm the mind with beautiful energy and natural stress relief from these peaceful Mala gemstones. These are perfect to wear every day and during meditation to increase your vibration.

Energies this Mala brings: peaceful sleep, calming inner self-talk, clarity, enhanced memory, good luck

To read more about the crystals & gemstones and understand how they can benefit you see down below

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Gemstones & Crystals Benefits & Their Healing Properties



Purple Amethyst is one of the world's most beloved crystals and has been for many centuries. This crystal is not only absolutely stunning but it carries well-known powers to stimulate and soothe the mind. Amethyst is the Earth's natural stress reliever, releasing mental anxiety, physical tension and even headaches.

As you use Amethyst you will begin to experience a stream of calming and harmonious energies flowing through you. It is a stone of peace, calming your worries and fears, clearing your mind and shielding you against negative energies. This will enable you to naturally become more focused, more grounded, and to be free from any negative influence.

Amethyst can also be a great stone for insomnia or if you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep. With its calming effects on the mind it will gently ease you into a more peaceful sleep. Due to the protective properties of Amethyst you will also be free from any nightmares and have more serene and harmonious dreams instead.

Spiritually Amethyst is a gift sent from Heaven. The stone helps eliminate bad or un-useful habits to assist in shifting to a higher state of consciousness. This can be mental or emotional habits, as well as any type of addiction.

Amethyst will increase your intuition and boost your psychic abilities. This stone is also very beneficial if you want to open or clear Chakras and is especially beneficial to Third Eye Chakra and The Crown Chakra.

Did you know that Amethyst is known to support healthy cell growth and regeneration and promote blood circulation which has a direct correlation with hair growth, beautiful skin and an overall healthier body.




Amazonite has a beautiful blue white opaque color and has a steady flowing energy of pure tranquility. It has calming and soothing vibrations that promotes truth and self-worth in its bearer. This is also a great crystal for communication, confidence and leadership since Amazonite will remove fear of confrontation or judgment so you can freely express your true self. Mentally it will assist in providing clarity of thought and gently help to filter out negative thoughts or emotions.

Amazonite has so many wonderful healing properties but one of its best is being able to bring balance, harmony, and peace to any person or space. This crystal can be used by you but it can also be used to create positive energy in work environments, dispelling conflicting energies away from the workspace by its presence.

Because of its calming properties Amazonite can also be used for calming anxiety and releasing depression. By wearing Amazonite around your neck it will assist in opening and strengthening the throat Chakra. This will allow a more confident, harmonious, balanced you to emerge.

Did you know that Amazonite works remarkably well in blocking Electromagnetic Pollution (EMI) and Geopathic Radiation? This will keep your vibration energies clear and light, making it easier to attract positive energies to you!



Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a gemstone for grounding to Earth. It is the perfect “anchor” for the person that feels disconnected: from life, from the world, from others. If you feel isolated, if you long to “reconnect”, if you are feeling in a fog, if you feel a strong need to take a break from your smartphone's EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) and to digitally disconnect... You’re not alone, here is your stone! It is excellent for slowing things down in order to reset yourself to your inner desires.

There are emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of Picture Jasper that releases blocked energy in the body. Blocked energy causes many underlying reasons of your foggy-ness, chronic tiredness, and feeling disconnected. Use these crystals to help flush out EMF energies from the body. Use them to free up all of the energy previously devoted to bad habits, additions or self-destructive behaviors, and thought patterns that are not positive for you. Because these habits are not you these crystal beads draw out the real you, the full you that you know is inside.

Emotionally these stones help to embrace the bigger picture of your life on Earth right now. These stones help you clarify your senses to distinguish your true Self and your role here. And they support you in the life that you are going to live going forward. These stones help you to understand you in the big picture in ways that you can take-in. They help release very distracting emotions that take lots of energy to keep like shame, guilt, and disappointment. This opens up the space to let your inner desires pop to the surface like a cork held under the water and then released.

Mentally they help you to embrace your life, to use your energy for positive, and to let go of energy draining escaping and distracting behaviors. They help you to release the grip of un-usable inner-beliefs that limit you. The huge impact and possibility to accomplish this mind-shift comes by replacing noisy things with pure quiet. You will also receive benefits using these stones with periodic breaks from electronic frequencies and EMF fields like smartphones and Wifi. This quiet-ness enables your mind-body-spirit to re-calibrate its natural map about you and give you the exact answers you seek. By having these stones at hand they help amplify your inner signals to give you the clarity you desire. They help you to determine your purpose & path. Along the way, they help you to stay on-track with constant encouragement and guidance.

Physically these stones help in the release of energy blocks that lead to the forming of physical symptoms. These are detox stones that energetically assist the liver and kidneys to clear the blood and tissues of toxins. Wearing healing jewelry necklaces keeps these stones in physical contact with your body. These beads also used in connection with aromatherapy amplifies the effects.

This is a healing crystal for the Third Eye Chakra. It is also a healing crystal for the Root Chakra. Your Third Eye Chakra needs support if you are feeling stuck, feel as though you are missing a clear direction for your desires, frequent daydreams and longings and not knowing where to start. Your Root Chakra needs support if you are having feelings of insecurity, agitation and aggressive impulses, feeling angry, fear of lack, or are having physical symptoms of sickness in the body without a clear cause. Your inner guides are here to support you, meditating with these stones amplifies their messages so that you can hear them.

These are incredible grounding stones to bring your body-mind-spirit back down in contact with Mother Earth physically and spiritually. Looking into a piece of Picture Jasper tells of stories locked in time. Thinking about and looking into the beauty of the crystal brings it into physical contact with your energy field and awareness which helps you feel grounded and secure as one of all the members of Earth. The process of quieting the mind and allowing the answers to emerge creates the clarity in your life that cannot be found outside of the Self. These deep answers come from within and are perfectly tailored to you.

Picture Jasper are amazing stones to invigorate you with stable Earth energy and to encouraging your imagination. Your inner guides are here to help you. At all times they perfectly understand you without you having to say a word. Their voice is boosted by these crystals to make their messages and guidance easier for you to grasp. These guides clear away the smoke and fog. The presence of these gemstones fills in this space with positive stable energy and fully support you during this process. Then it is up to you to take the lead and make the steps with them fully behind you.

After all, it is not as complicated to see once the other noise is turned down and the fog has cleared.



Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper (pronounced 'moo' 'kite') is a stabilizing gemstone that is just the right crystal to use in uncertain times. It encourages flexibility in complex circumstances and the confidence to adjust for making clear decisions.

Emotionally this is a grounding stone. It will reduce fear and worry and boost faith in the process. It will help you feel stable and secure and if this is not currently the case by boosting the inner need to rely on oneself to find the best answers. These gemstones boost appreciation for oneself and lower feelings of loneliness or broken-heart if it be the case. They encourage self-care, self-acceptance, and following personal interests to expand and to develop abilities. This crystal is a best friend that is always understanding and looking out for well being.

Mentally this is a self-assurance stone. External confirmation and approval from others can be filled with hidden agendas and mixed messages. These crystals give strong support for validating the path from within which also boosts self-esteem. These stone will shield from negative people, negative experiences, and distractions that are tempting to lead one astray and off path. They will help keep the mind focused and concentrated. They will keep the mind on-point.

Physically will help the blood, circulation, and give energy to the vital organs. They will help in detoxing of the body and are have strong energy to assist in digestion. For detoxification they will help the lymphatic system circulate to clean out toxins.

Spiritually these are Root Chakra Healing stones. When worn the energies of these Mookaite Jasper beads interact with the physical-mental-spiritual energy fields of the body. These crystals boost the determination to complete projects, systematically, thoroughly, and efficiently.

Did you know that Mookaite Jasper encourages new experiences and strong inner self-confidence.



Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is one of the most sought after stones since the beginning of time and is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Lapis Lazuli is known for its abilities to activate the higher mind and for enhancing intellectual performance. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and is an excellent stone for enhancing memory.

This stone will bring you self-knowledge allowing full self-expression, greater self-awareness, and establishes profound self-confidence. Lapis Lazuli provides inner-peace when worn and releases stress and tension to calmly bring you back into a state of harmony. Not only do they release tension and stress but they can also protect you from negative energies, both physically and mentally.

Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful stone to use in meditation to provide Chakra Healing and increase focus. Chakra Healing is an important part in making sure that our bodies are at peace. Lapis Lazuli assists in clearing and opening both the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra which is connected to spiritual awakening.

Did you know that by wearing Lapis Lazuli as a necklace you are able to reap the amazing benefits throughout your day free from effort.




Aquamarine are incredible crystals for calm and are gemstones for communication from the Heart.. They have formed into shades of pale blues with gorgeous colorings that gives good luck, happiness, and protection, in particular, during a journey. Known around the world Aquamarine gemstones are beautiful crystals for safe travel to protect yourself and loved ones.

Emotionally these are gemstones for positive energy. They cleanse the emotional body by flooding the body-mind-spirit with gentle blue light. This energy encourages a positive attitude and reaching positive outcomes. By wearing these gemstones they are brought directly into the physical energy field and this magnifies their impact on the Heart and voice in the ability to express oneself. They increase the drive for resiliency and self-reliance while reducing impulsive decisions, fear, and panic.

Mentally these are gemstones for patience, for understanding, and for forgiveness. They can be seen as remarkable well-being stones because they encourage mental wellness by increasing the calm which leads forward the desire to understand and to speak one's truth. This leads to greater abilities to create true goodness and positivity in relationships and to heal, renew bonds that have become tarnished and strained.

Physically these are healing stones for the breath. They amplify healing energies to the lungs and to the throat. They also boost the senses of the ears and hearing. They also give energetic support to the kidneys and bladder.

Spiritually these are crystals for the Throat Chakra and is regarded as one of the best stones for clearing and activating this 4th Chakra. Use these beads to fully listen and to understand from the Heart, to speak if feeling closed off, to speak one's truth confidently. It reduces the need to defend the Self, the impulse to not listen or to over-talk, decreased the impulse to lie, and lowers the feeling of being silenced. These stones open up expression and awareness with the world.