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Mala for School - The Successful Student - Focus Mala Necklace

108 Mala | Prayer Bead Necklaces | Mala Jewlery

Fall in Love with Your Perfect Mala Bead Jewelry made of Authentic Crystals & Gemstones, personally handmade with careful balancing of the Energetic Properties by Highly Trained Practitioners in Energy Healing to bring the Best Benefits to You as Japamala, 108 Bead Malas, & Mala Necklaces and beautiful Wrist Mala Bracelets

Mala for School - The Successful Student - Focus Mala Necklace

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mala for school. mala shop peaceful-island online. back to school jewelry high school students. mala for focus. crystals for focus sodalite
back to school jewelry college students. mala shop peaceful-island online. crystals for focus black onyx. mala for studies.

Mala for School - The Successful Student - Focus Mala Necklace

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Will your student benefit from a clearer mind while studying? Because of the calming and engaging physical properties contained within these outstanding crystals and gemstones these Mala beads are well-respected, ancient secrets for boosting high levels of focus and concentration.

Our Successful Student Mala puts these calm focusing, positive frequencies into contact with the physical body when worn as jewelry. The energies of Sodalite, Fluorite, Clear Quartz, Lava Stone, and Black Onyx will focus and protect the mind, prime the physical body, and heat the desires of achievement, of learning, and of gaining knowledge.

Energies this Mala brings: opening the mind to learn, increase self confidence & self esteem, high performance, success

To read more about the crystals & gemstones and understand how they can benefit you see down below

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Gemstones & Crystals Benefits & Their Healing Properties



Sodalite beads are a phenomenal royal shade of deep blue that are captivating to the eye and calm the mind when in physical contact with the body. These are gemstones for focus and concentration that create a brilliant state of flow that leads to high self confidence & high self esteem in all areas of life. The effects of using these crystals is cumulative.

Emotionally and psychologically these are grounding & truth gemstones. They boost curiosity and are grounding for emotions like anxiety and fears of new information. This emotional relaxation gently clears the way for genuine examination and analysis of new thoughts and ideas to digest new content and to form inter-connections with what is currently understood.

Intellectually and mentally Sodalite is a stone for engagement. It increases the abilities of sorting the mind and conceptualizing. It calms the intake of new information and boosts free flowing thought and integration of information. These crystals increase clarity of thoughts and expressing oneself during critical analysis and debate. This enables finding new connections and in forming new conclusions.

Physically Sodalite grounds the energy of the body, this increases positive energy while lowering negative energies. This will lead to a decrease in blocked energies such as depression, overwhelm, anxiety, and troubles with sleeping.

These positive physical benefits add to a positive dynamic that enables the mind to be peaceful even if placed under pressure to perform. Wearing Sodalite beads on a necklace over the Heart during a pressure test will ground distress(negative stress). This calmness plus the additional self confidence creates a eustress dynamic (positive stress) which leads to high performance and increasing self esteem This positive cycle builds upon itself.

Metaphysically these are Throat Chakra stones. They increase the sense of control in life, boost social self-confidence, and heat the desires for achievement. Because they are gemstones for focus and concentration they increase motivation, memory, and expanding knowledge.

Spiritually these stones boost logic and intuition. Wearing these stones when learning and working with new knowledge and skills increases the natural use. Using these stones to reflect, meditate, and expand upon leads to sudden and effortless insights.


Fluorite crystals are blissful gemstones for sleep and will calm insomnia, anxiety, worry, and depression. These are crystals for deep relaxation soothing all parts of the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Emotionally these are peace-giving gemstones that will calm the emotions and lead to soothing feelings that are more balanced, easier to handle, and to acknowledge them freely and unafraid of allowing them to speak.

Mentally Fluorite is a fantastic gemstone for focus and concentration. This crystal removes impurities of the mind bringing them to the surface to be acknowledged and released. This is also a gemstone for reducing computer and electromagnetic stress (EMF/EMI radiation).

Note: Fluorite is a wonderful spiritual gemstone that heals the body versus the chemical fluoride for example in toothpaste and that is put into water systems in cities. Fluoride is disruptive to the mind-body-spirit. Fluorite is a purple, green healing crystal.

Physically Fluorite crystals are gemstones for hormonal realignment and balancing. They boost the hormone glands of the body with positive, harmonizing energies to calm stress-alert hormones (cortisol) and to promote testosterone & estrogen balance within the body. These are crystals for DNA regeneration and healing of body tissues. They will create harmony in digestion and to feel peace while eating for maximum nutrition plus aid the organs in absorption while flushing out toxins.

Spiritually these are crystals for the Heart and Third Eye Chakra. Opening up the Heart Chakra brings more self-awareness and acceptance. Opening up the Third Eye Chakra increases awareness and intuition.

Fluorite are phenomenal crystals for awakening. They give the ability to step outside of the self and see the physical-emotional-spiritual bodies from a new perspective. They encourage making decisions from this greater point of view.

Clear Quartz Crystal

An extraordinary gemstone, the Clear Quartz is magical and probably the best known crystal. It is not only incredibly beautiful to the eye it has incredible healing properties that bring amazing benefits into every day life as result of the magnificent properties it carries. This crystal is a master-healer.

Emotionally these crystals will give you and surround you with positive energy. These stones are overall healing of the whole mind-body-spirit and positively benefit mood. These are gemstones for deep soul cleansing.

Mentally they uplift inner-thoughts to a level that is optimistic and non-judging. These stones are so dynamic and sensitive to mental energies that can sense the inner-strength needed and provide a perfect match to depression, a need for change, the desire for more from life, clarity and focus, and better relationships. These are some of the examples of why Clear Quartz is so popular.

Physically they heal dis-harmonies within the physical body and works to release the roots of all illness and pain. These gemstones will support the physical body into balance. They also will support the organs of the body to clear out toxins to detox the blood.

Metaphysically Clear Quartz is the amplifier for all other crystals & gemstones. Using this stone as an amplifier expands the energetic field and impact of another crystal such as the luck attracting properties of the Turquoise and the energy protection properties of the Black Onyx.

Spiritually this stone is an amazing healing stone for all 7 Chakras. It emanates all colors of the rainbow as a full color spectrum which is exactly how it resonates with the Chakras. It also sets the tone for complete resonation.

Clear Quartz crystals are incredible gifts of nature bestowed to humanity for betterment. Wearing these stones in jewelry and holding them during meditation is tremendously beneficial because the stones are brought into the physical energy field of the body-mind-spirit where these particular stones can also sense the being and provide the greatest possible benefits to well being.

Lava Stone

Heal, restore, and revitalize the body from a most stable form of Energy - the Lava Rock.

Black Lava Stones are known as purification stones and as a great healer of the emotions. They can be worn in jewelry such as beaded Mala necklaces and gemstone bracelets. Lava stones are incredible with Chakra Healing jewelry and in Spiritual Healing jewelry for practices like Yoga and Meditation. They can even be used in home as décor to balance Feng Shui energies. Because this stone’s material is porous they are ideal oil diffusers for aromatherapy all day. These are extremely popular crystal gemstones for healing.

The calm mind sees more clearly and feels out better decisions. These crystals help both the emotional mind and the logical mind in life-changing ways.

These stone beads are well loved and used for grounding oneself emotionally. When wanting to feel stable and focused and are feeling heavily stressed, anxious, or feeling disconnected these stones reconnects you, protects you from feeling overwhelmed, helps you to feel calmer, and gives you peaceful energy in the moment when you need it most.

Mentally these stones are stabilizing, emotionally balancing, clarifying when judging and calculating a decision, and helps you relieve you of attachments to things and outcomes that are outside of your control. These crystals boost emotional strength and resiliency. They lower anxiety, worry, depression, insomnia and are gemstones for anger releasing.

They have amazing, positive effects on your relationships that strengthen intimacy, builds passion and commitment, strengthens the bonds of relationships, and provides abundant nurturing energy for expanding what you are making of yourself.

These gemstones increase physical resiliency and gives a very strong Earth energy that feels strong safe in the body: the muscles, bones, joints, and all of the body tissues and organs. They are great for vitality and unlocking the deep energy stores plus they boost immunity. Overall general energy levels go up and up giving excess energy for progress.

Lava stones are strong spiritual healing beads that are used with grounding daily meditation and during yoga practice to create a calm space around you and to ground the mind-body-spirit. Combining these practices with the stones relieves the stress and frees up the mind-body-spirit space to gain perspective, to notice new insights, and to expand awareness as an observer to your life. These stones help alleviate and release while they protect against negative energies which in these moments gives this total feeling of freedom and safety. While problems of life can persist during this time these practices with the Lava stones lighten the load; and lessen worries. This is the idea space to experience, create, and attract the magic into your life that takes your breath away.

These are crystals for healing the Root Chakra and are well suited to wear on Mala beaded jewelry as to have them within physical contact with the body. These are healing stones that gives power to the well being in the physical form of strength, to the mental forms as inner-strength and self-belief, and to the spirit as peacefulness. These stones amplify the voices of inner guides enabling flowing communication to occur and a raising of your vibrational level upwards.

Porous and textured these stones make them idea as oil diffuser aromatherapy and for the added benefits essential oils brings to your mindfulness and wellness. For example using lavender essential oil with this jewelry will help release insomnia and help you fall into restful sleep and to stay asleep.

Black Lava Stones are made from Earth's magma bring to you Universal Life-Force energy. Even if it is not understood exactly how these healing energies work, these have been the secrets of the ancients for thousands of years.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is an effective protective stone when worn. It provides a powerful energy barrier that pushes away negativity from your mind, your senses, and your personal space. These crystals push away negative people and negative experiences that can drain you. In Healing Jewelry Onyx is worn as a protection amulet to keep the healing space free from negative energies so that positive feelings like optimism, inner-strength, and peace can grow.

These are fantastic healing gemstones for mental health for soothing the emotional parts of the mind-body-spirit. These are crystals for inner-strength and self-confidence. During stormy times when decisions can be complicated and unclear black Onyx brings clarifying, supportive, and protective energy that is a caring touch for calming fears, stress, and worry. The crystals encourage the desire to create stability which lowers stress levels. Using these gemstones for stability lowers all stress be it fears, worries, and anxiety, they even help you fully sleep from insomnia.

Black Onyx is an important stone if you are beholden with heavy grief, or having feelings of deep sorrow, or if experiencing a difficult depression that you can't seem to get past. If anything like this is the case then this stone helps release this blocked energy contained within these feelings. Then this energy can be freed up from the mind-body-spirit. Progress reinvigorates the spirit. Free flowing energy is calm and is focused that can create positive outcomes. And just blow out that breath of air. Finally breathe.

Black Onyx activates the Base or Root Chakra. In addition to being used for energy protection this gemstone is a grounding stone to Mother Earth that enables the grounding out or rooting of energies through the 1st Chakra downward to release them from the body. The Root Chakra is located at the bottom of the spine and is the connection point between the Earth and the Chakras of the body.

Onyx has physical healing properties to heal the underlying energetic imbalances of the physical body in the nerves, the immune system, and vital energy of the body such as the adrenals. These stones boost the immune system helping to build stamina, for preventing relapse, and leading the body into balanced natural health.