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Insights by Peaceful Island

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Insights gives understanding & greater awareness to the power of using these incredible natural crystals and gemstones to increase your Well Being. Natural stones have the power to affect mood, to give guidance, and change people's lives using the frequencies of each Crystal.

Enjoy and use Crystals & Gemstones for their physical abilities or because you find them interesting or you just can't put it down.

Energize, reclaim, and create your life, all of these are outstanding reasons to jump-in to the Benefits that Crystals & Gemstones give you.

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Creating High Performance Habits (& releasing bad ones) - Using Crystals & Gemstones for Well Being

Peaceful Island


Getting Back on Track with Your Potential by creating High Performance Habits



your potential, what is your potential, and reaching your potential

the answers… are within you

You’re in the right place…

  • if you feel like you are not living up to your potential

  • if you want more out of life

  • if you feel that you lack the discipline you need

  • if you feel like you are stuck in a rut

Habits are on the Road to Your Potential

Everyone has good and bad habits and it is normal to judge these things. What would you advise to a younger version of your Self on how to Be, how to Think, & what to Do? This is the role we are attempting to put you in, for Your Self right now in this moment.

Highly Effective People become accustomed to doing incredible things daily. Would you believe that their development was and is completely based on their habits? Contrary to conventional wisdom: talent, family, and other explanations are small indicators of the level of success a person will have. It is the Habit that determine this prize and the Habits directly determine to what heights a person creates the Self. Habits of thought, habits of action, habits of persistence, and the habit of updating habits.

We want to develop high performance habits and to let go of habits that are not aligned with developing the Self, the best version of your Self. This includes any habit, good and bad that do not contribute to the growth needed by you to live along the best path and to live the best life of what is possible for you.

There are some basic parts that make up a habit which will be talked about here. Let's take a look at the parts.


What is a Habit?

A Habit is mental groove that is programmed into the Mind based on three things

- a sequence of things you do

- how the sequence makes you feel

- what you think about before during and after the sequence

How do they become instilled… installed within the Mind?

Let’s define a few key terms to to simplify.

High Performance Key Terms

  • Anchor habits an existing habit to connect new habits to.

  • Momentum Habits aka Keystone habits. A new chosen key habit to establish a new set of habits.

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits

What ever you think about you create more of. Changing a bad habit is the same process and same effort as creating a High Performance Habit so we focus on creating, we focus on good feelings, and we focus on creating momentum. Then in the end your energy builds up which is much better than the energy drain and blocking up of energy to avoid a negative habit. However, let’s take a brief glance to make straighten your line.

The first step to getting rid of a bad habit is to acknowledge why it is bad for you. Simply, does it feel good or bad. Secondly, does the habit connect to your greater purpose or you feeling good? If the answers are not yes then the habit is not in alignment nor enriching to your life and is not a high performance habit. So it is noticed for fazing out. Remember what you think about and feel strongly about you do get more of. So take it easy on judging and accept on some level that it is no longer “your think” and is soon to be a thing of the past.

It is wise to not worry about deleting or try to remove bad habits because this requires judgement and this causes negative feelings. Strong feelings of any kind root the habit and can impact positive momentum, Self Esteem, and Self Confidence. Judgement works against you, so again, just accept on some level that this is phasing out.

How to Create High Performance Habits

Instead of eliminating habits just overwrite unproductive habits with better ones. Pick thoughts, feelings, and results that are aligned with your feelings and then it is working them in. It is wise to practice letting things go, releasing the connection you feel to it, whatever it is. Energy Healing and Chakra Opening helps with this process. Crystals and Gemstones are central to these practices as amplifiers and momentum builders.

What ever you think about you create more of. Let’s take a look at what makes up the Habit.

Anatomy of a Habit: What is a Habits made of?

1st: All habits can be broken down into three parts.

  • the trigger

  • the sequence

  • the satisfaction

there is something that happens to trigger the automatic sequence to happen which creates a feeling of satisfaction. The satisfaction is the feeling of good or bad that the habit was done in alignment or not.

2nd: All Habit triggers occur in these circumstances

  • your physical environment

  • the time of day, week, year, etc

  • an emotional button of yours gets pushed

  • the Positivity or Negativity of others

  • the previous step in this sequence like an anchor habit

Habits are like a computer program and the Mind is like a computer waiting for events to happen and to run a Habit app. If there is no Habit connected to a situation then the Freeze-Flight-Fight is triggered and a person might either have no idea what to do and freeze, run away escaping mentally, or act destructively out of fear.

This draws attention to a distinction between fear and unknown. If there is no response to a situation, then one can think about it to find a possibility that feels right, and testing it out. It works or doesn’t work and this is okay; it is learning and progress. This latter process is the basis for building Self Confidence and Self Esteem. Both are key components of High Vibration Living and High Performance Habits.


What Would You Wish for Yourself

This is what you will now do

What enables new High Performance Habits?

The Goal of High Performance Habits are to create incredible forces and momentum that holds your life and daily activities in intensified engagement that has one eye on the Purpose for which you do everything. This is your reason for Being, what you are on Earth to do during your lifetime. So let’s take a look at this about Life Purpose.

In this process of learning your Self and creating High Performance Habits you are to connecting with the Self, you are listen to and gaining guidance from Inner Guides as you move in the direction of your Life's Purpose. The key is to follow the good feelings of the Heart. Habits determine just how far you can make it and to what levels you can achieve. Finding and deciding the best habits put your Heart in alignment with your Life Purpose. These two together establish what is called your Intention. Your Intention is your filter to decide about things like the Habits that support this aim.

What do High Performance Habits Give You?

As a Human Being it is normal to emotionally exist in a World of right and wrong, good and bad. Creating and doing High Performance Habits gives a way to rise above right and wrong emotions and to align yourself through your habits to the best version of yourself. And by doing this it is inevitable that you get there, it is just a matter of time and habits!


What Would You Make Sure to Get Done!

This is what you work on, develop, and get quick doing, relentlessly

But are you Stuck, How to Kill off Bad Habits

To keep things simple, we know that over-writing bad habits with High Performance Habits effectively lets them die. But for those ones that are still here can be weakened through distancing. Bad habits, just like anything need energy to exist.

Focusing enthusiasm and energy on positive triggers enables and strengthens them. Enthusiasm, clarity, and momentum make bad habits non-relevant which is exactly the proper way to dispose of them. Avoiding exposure to negative triggers weakens negative habits that are not aligned. In the bigger picture even seemingly positive habits can be out of alignment and would need to be replaced by High Performance Habits that better support alignment with Life Purpose and achievement. This is how you guarantee your Life success.


How do I Figure Out my High Performance Habits


to get CLARITY

you come. sit. and think until it becomes clear

To achieve greatly is human. It is within you, it is within all of us. The difference between where you are now and that clawing feeling inside of you about your potential are your best friends inside: meet your Inner Guides. The space you must cross to become this person who is your potential is traveled through your daily habits.

Feelings are your guides. Looking within you, your Inner Guides give you instant feedback. Crystals and Gemstones amplify these guides. These are extremely useful tools for creating and gaining momentum with positive new habits because your intention can be stored within the stone. Crystals & Gemstones have been used for this purpose for thousands of years and are one of the greatest kept Secret of the Ages that has been carefully guarded and loved by the Heart.

Your Intention can be placed and stored into the energy of the Stone. By storing your intention in the stone it is keeps you on track to building momentum. Here is an example of how Crystals & Gemstones work to store your intention.

What slows momentum or deters progress and how to avoid it?

People can try to put friction on your momentum and discourage you're progress. Be careful on who you listen to or better yet, validate yourself.

Use Protective Crystals & Gemstones

Using Black Obsidian to protect you from negativity can hold the intention for habits in alignment. The stone can then block negative feedback from a person, from the environment, and from situations that might cause you a momentum setback or challenge your good feeling progress. The Protective stone blocks the influence off and energetically repels them away to protect you.

Rather than focusing too much on what to avoid here is the final building block the Beginner needs to get started are Anchor Habits (more about Anchor Habits is coming soon below)

Use Chakra Opening Crystals & Gemstones, Chakra Jewelry, & Room Crystals

While there are stones to protect you during a fragile development time to establish the new habit there are stones that open up your energy to keep you moving forwards in Flow. Stones like Lapis Lazuli and Purple Amethyst open up your Mind to your greater purpose and gives you support to see things with clarity so that you can decide which path is the best one for you to follow.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CRYSTAL FOR YOU, WHERE DO YOU START? Beginner’s Guide & Refresher ( click for more… )

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CRYSTAL FOR YOU, WHERE DO YOU START? Beginner’s Guide & Refresher (click for more…)

There are stones like Garnet that are about devotion and determination that help keep you on your path keeping your focus inline on positivity and forward progress releasing not on-point distractions and pitfalls.

Habits are under your control to decide just like your attitude. They are yours and you own them. However, they can be influenced externally.

Your decisions about High Performance Habits, the practice of them, gaining momentum, and then protecting this energy makes the High Performance come to life. The right Crystals & Gemstones at your side keeps you moving on track because while the people of this world have their own interests in mind, Crystals & Gemstones always have your Well Being at Heart.

Why are Anchor Habits the Key to High Performance Habits?

As defined previously Anchor Habits are existing habits that you can use to create new patterns. It is like the bare-bones of your habit closet. Clear out all of the old clothes that don’t fit and you never use and what is left. There are a ton of empty hangers and a few base items. A pair of pants, a shirt, a dress, and some shoes. Everything else is no longer your style.

Here are your Anchors. In real life it is your waking time. The most successful people of the world wake early. Make your wake time early. The Anchor is that you wake up, the new high performance habit connects the waking time to the new pattern try 4am wake. 

Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise.
— Benjamin Franklin

Habits don’t have to be perfectly done. Excellently Done is Getting it Right!

By switching and getting up way before the world wakes this budding High Performance Habit sets the stage for a whole new sequence for your morning momentum. Because you have already established that you wake each day and are shaping this to align with your Life Purpose it works and sticks as you find more reasons why this is great for you and what you need to become to reach your potential.

Secret to success

Pain points happen with new habits, plan and practice the new sequence so when the pain point happens you are ready to do the new sequence. Remind yourself of why the High Performance Habit helps you get to where you need to be to become YOU. Set the intention of your Crystals to maintain the new pattern and to radiate your Intention all around you until you yourself fully adopt and resonate this energy. When you become the energy frequency of High Performance you are unstoppable. You have met your current potential and are able to contribute the best of yourself to the enrichment of your life and to the Well Being of everyone you encounter. This Inner struggle is the path!

Reference of tools to assist in forming High Performance Habits

Did you know… Crystals & Gemstones have been used for thousands of years to develop personal power, to increase Well Being, and to send away negativity. Would you like to tell us more about what you are looking for in your life?

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