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Crystals Give Cars Better Gas Mileage

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Crystals Give Cars Better Gas Mileage

Guest Writer

In September of 2018 during an unofficial 4000+ mile, cross-country road-test incredible gas mileage (mpg) was sustained showing a staggering doubling of fuel economy stage-after-stage of the route.

All factors were constant with the addition of crystals and gemstones to the dashboard to put the theory to the test - can crystals increase energy efficiency of an engine and by what amount. Because I wanted to see and know for myself the trip needed to be long and cross many different types of terrain. In addition, I volunteered to do the driving - all of it.

In a full-sized, American Sedan driving across the United States Coast-to-Coast here is how it happened.

In the summer of 2018, a good friend of mine and his girlfriend prepared to move from Boston to San Francisco and they wanted to road-trip it across America to get “mentally-prepared” before arriving in their new life in SF. They packed up and shipped the household. And they packed their car, a big huge boat of a vehicle, in anticipation for a long road-trip, old-school American style.

The Car

an American Classic, a Full-Sized 2007 Lincoln Town Car. As it was, this 2007 is a complete gas-hungry-whale, "Why would anyone want to drive this hunk across America" was sitting on the tip of my tongue (but didn’t ask out of politeness). They were very excited and had an unexpected invitation…


I had been talking about and wanting to take a long drive the whole summer: find some cool cities, listen to some legendary local music, eat some epic local food, and to get totally immersed into the trance of driving long distances. So I gladly accepted this invitation to join; what a great send-off trip!

I had become very interested in the energy effects that crystals might have on the fuel economy of cars. It sounded logical however I would believe it by testing it.

The Route

drive from Boston through some of America's Great Music Cities places, music, food, open road.

According to Google Maps the distance: 4,057 Miles door-to-door. Now to calculate the transport budget.


This 2007 Lincoln Town Car gets roughly 17-25 miles per gallon. Since most of this was going to be highway driving plan on 22 mpg on the average, that will be 184 gallons of gas and 19 fill ups. I was convinced I could do better than this and decided to test the big car. I had two things in mind: ‘Hypermiling’ and ‘Car Crystals’.



In the 2005 I read an article on ‘Hypermiling,’ a set of driving techniques where skilled drivers did extreme things to squeeze more miles per gallon, for example testing on one gallon how far they could make the testing car go on just one gallon.

Hypermiling is doing things like turning off the engine to coasting 10 miles down the mountain side, turning off the engine while at a traffic light, driving outside of the tire grooves on the driving lane when it is raining to reduce drag, and drafting behind other vehicles, Tour de France style.

The guys in the article were exceeding 100+ miles per gallon (mpg) on these everyday cars which was unexpectedly consistent and pretty impressive. And if they could do it… I want to test it.

Car Crystals Energy Field

This year I was told about the power of crystals for getting greater fuel economy. The explanation of how it works like a energy Taurus. Just place them inside the car near the engine to get more miles per gallon. This sounded like those kids in the Matrix that can bend spoons with their mind; this needs to be tested. Is it just that simple, crystals to the dashboard? Well, if they could do it… let’s try it out.

Did you Know…

Crystals are used in everyday things - computers, smartphones, lasers, and they are filled with benefits for people, they are good for health and the mind, so how about the car, I wanted to try it. Add Car Crystals and Hypermiling… this is going to be one interesting test drive and proper American Road Trip.

Clear Quartz Crystals

When sending an electrical signal through a quartz crystal it pulses at one beat per second, no kidding they are used in watches and clocks

When sending an electrical signal through a quartz crystal it pulses at one beat per second, no kidding they are used in watches and clocks

How to find the right crystal

I took just a handful of crystals that I have at home because I didn’t know which would be best so logically more Crystals seemed to be better. The one I was sure to grab was Clear Quartz Crystal, if it is good enough for Apple, Dell, and Intel, then it is good enough for the Car Crystal Test.

The crystals were placed in a row up on the dashboard between the windshield and the air vents.


The Crystal List

  • Clear Quartz

  • Turquoise

  • Mookaite Jasper

  • Pyrite

  • Purple Amethyst

  • Picasso Jasper

  • Labradorite

The Experience

What happened next was incredible. I drove the 4000+ miles. The others were in the backseat singing songs, telling stories, stuffing their faces with candy, and I was keeping an eye on the fuel economy.

Note: results are incredible but not guaranteed

The Results

It was fascinating, no matter what type of topography the fuel economy was almost exactly the same: 47 mpg!! in a 2007 Lincoln. Yes, it didn't matter driving up and down the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia or driving across the flats of the Midwest, the total average for this Lincoln was a consistent 47 MPG over the trip, all 4,156 Miles of it.

The highest was a staggering 52 Miles Per Gallon - I thought the calculator was broken! This means that fill-ups occurred every 450-500 miles compared per usual 175-200 miles; more than double the normal distance per tank.

It took about four days for the others to notice, "hey, have you noticed that we hardly ever stop for gas on this trip?"

I started to chuckle and they know what it means when I have this sort of response. It was at this point that explained the car crystals test and gave them some basic stats 47 miles per gallon consistently tank after tank.

47 miles per gallon! On this old car? Wowwwww,... I never get this kind of mileage! What did you do?

It was this feeling like the game changed somehow. The numbers are what they are. It was a light-bulb moment when everyone realizes that this car is consistently going more than twice the distance it normally goes. Everyone’s mind exploded.

For the next 3 days all eyes were on the crystals on the dashboard and calculating new stats until we reached San Francisco.

Final Stats and Conclusions

4,156 miles in total, 88 gallons of gas and 9 fill-ups. It was absolutely incredible. We were all blown away looking at the final receipts and there were just nine. We could all see it. We scratched our heads, we had traveled all the way across the whole United States in an old Lincoln for just 9 fill-ups. We stopped the car for bathroom breaks and Skittles.

After two days visiting in SF it was time for me to return home, of course with my crystals back to Boston. I only wonder the conversation in the cockpit when we landed at Logan Airport.


Time to return home

Back to Boston with my crystals... I only wonder what that conversation was like in the cockpit. Logan Airport


Upon my return home it was reported back to me that the Lincoln was driving as normal at 17-20 mpg and 150 miles per tank and this was for the first two weeks.

Driving up and down the hills of San Francisco, “why not just get some crystals and try it,” I asked my friend. He had a better idea… a Tesla.


It’s a new Tesla!

Free Tesla Supercharger, Why pay for gas anyway

Why pay for gas anyway… and then goes into stories about the horse & buggy and whale oil becoming obsolete for electric lights. I wonder if Tesla cars use crystals…

If you are thinking what I was thinking try it out and see what you think. When standing back from the experience I still think the same thing, but I did it myself and every time now that I see a big old American car I smile and remember my new found proof about car crystals.

Have Fun and Happy Testing!

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