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Insights by Peaceful Island

Welcome to Insights by

Insights gives understanding & greater awareness to the power of using these incredible natural crystals and gemstones to increase your Well Being. Natural stones have the power to affect mood, to give guidance, and change people's lives using the frequencies of each Crystal.

Enjoy and use Crystals & Gemstones for their physical abilities or because you find them interesting or you just can't put it down.

Energize, reclaim, and create your life, all of these are outstanding reasons to jump-in to the Benefits that Crystals & Gemstones give you.

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Enjoy Peaceful Island and Welcome!

Unlock Yourself from Depression Naturally Peacefully and Permanently

Peaceful Island

I see other people, all the time they seem happy and I wonder to myself how do they do it... Am I the only one struggling

You’re in the right place if this frustrates you and makes you angry

You’re in the right place if you want to change this and to live the life you desire

Crystals & Gemstone have been a little talked about secret helping people for thousands of years to create their lives. These stones provide a positive, supporting role in the everyday lives for people, just like you, all over the world.

Crystals appear everywhere. The crystal can be on a pretty necklace or bracelet as room decor or as a pendant. No matter which form, crystals and gemstones are loaded with hidden possibilities that are personally guarded secrets. Just feel beneath the surface these secrets can be revealed…

Unlocking The Secret Powers in Crystals & Gemstones

People have learned how and understand what happens within the mind, the body, and the spirit when tuning-in to these healing properties. Each Stone has particular effects and nuances called benefits and properties. The stones contain energies that affect each one of us just like a puppy and the smell of coffee and the taste of chocolate. Crystals and gemstones are gifts from nature for you to use and benefit from in your life. But it is like a dance, they hold one side while you hold the other. It is through intuition, what makes sense to you that will decide which crystals will uplift you to your authentic self. It is you that can feel what is good and what feels not good. It is your gut feeling that tells you, this crystal gives me freedom and makes me feel positive. Afterall, who knows the reality of your life better that you.

Many have trouble trusting inner signals to listen to gut feelings and intuition. This however, must change to release depression, worry, anxiety, and insomnia. Trusting in the self is energetically central to feeling good in life. In releasing the binds of depression a person learn how to amplify and to read these inner signals. You will learn to trust yourself and to follow the path that leads you into a good space in your life and consequently out of a state of chronic depression. You will learn to exist in a “new normal” that is a delight to you in every way. Not only is this possible for you, it is your right.

By learning to read and gain forward progress from using the stable energies of crystals & gemstones the benefits begin manifesting and as these benefits accumulate your life begins developing again.

This process and using crystals & gemstones gives a colossal advantage to completely shift perspective. If you are living in depression at the moment, this is your area of operation, this message is created for you. It begins with understanding the energy you are currently resonating so that you can start to change it. And that when when resonating the energy of what you want, it comes to you.

Continue reading below…

Using the powers of Crystals & Gemstones adds up to an enormous advantage over time. For example, gain confidence boosting from Tiger Eye Stones which increases self-esteem and self-worth by seeing the effects of new abilities. Gain benefits at work from the extra focus and concentration levels given from Blue Lapis Lazuli. These daily advantages leads to incredible, seemingly un-explainable, progress in life. Each of these steps taken dramatically shifts outcomes. These steps shift the path take through life. This path now has the sorts of experiences and quality of life that is in harmony with the mind, the body, and the spirit. This is the authentic, true YOU.


Your Guide to Using Crystals & Gemstones

For most people they either are aware of and learn how to use crystals & gemstones so they are fully engaged and following their life purpose already or they become aware of them and learn from the start as beginners.

The beginning of the path starts with things like taking better care of oneself, thinking positive thoughts about oneself. Everyday these are steps that re-energize and to give new life to the Heart.

The Heart has had a very tough time until now leading into a state of depression. And now needs a lot of daily positive feelings of encouragement. Pink Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite are excellent Heart warming and uplifting beginner crystals for depression and to turn things around.

Looking at mental thought patterns and daily habits each day gives awareness of where these are taking you. This shift is made possible by shifting your daily habits of thought and how you go about things. What sort of thoughts and habit do you think can take you where you want to go - Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone for truth. Black Onyx and Turquoise are gemstones to protect against negativity which can be internal thoughts that circle endlessly, external negative experiences, and negative people.

Appreciating and self-love are important to breaking out of depression. Taking care of the self is important and when done everyday, without exceptions, builds the sense of self-worth. Self-Esteem increases because of the value that comes from insisting on doing positive things each day that are about yourself. Over time this adds up. This becomes a beautiful life that you have created. Tip: it is incredible to own your attitude. It is yours and it is your decision how to use it because you completely own it.

During this time other stones like Green Malachite, a crystal for transformation, opens up the Heart for deeper and for deep Energy Cleansing. Like a thorough cleansing of everything inside the Heart's Body-Mind-Spirit. No matter what challenge being faced at this time, Heart healing is good to do at any time.

Aventurine is another amazing self-care gemstone for Heart. It gives healing positive energy and it also opens up spiritual healing of the Heart Chakra and this enables the inflow of enormous amounts of positive energy.

Chrysocolla, a delightful, bright blue happy gemstone amplifies positive, happiness, and satisfied feelings you are having about who you have become, what you have made of yourself, and what you now give to enrich others.

If all of this is new to you, don't worry because you will learn exactly what you need to know, at just the right time. The information is coming. This is just moving you forward, one step at a time. Soon it will be easy for you to navigate.

This is Spiritual Energy Healing

Also called Metaphysical Healing, the Heart opens up and so does the person: the body, the mind, the spirit. The inner sensors and the healing focus can move “upwards” towards the Crown and “downwards” towards the Root. The intuition is “upwards” and feeling safe & secure is “downwards”. Note, for depression you can look forward to these stages because it means a huge release for you. You are able to breathe out, to un-clench the hands and relax the shoulder muscles. The air flows in and out of your chest, you can breathe, and the mind feels calm.

Feeling depression is not a life long destiny. Now that you know this you can put it to work. This process also has the name called Chakra Healing and Chakra Opening. It is also called Reiki. There are various crystal forms used for energy healing such as the 108 bead Mala necklace and gemstone beaded bracelets.

Want to see some examples of how they can work for you search below to find some crystals for depression:

ex. “anxiety“ “peace” “calm” “amazonite” “insomnia“

This is Life in Flow

Your true path comes from this process of learning how to work within the Natural Forces of Life, to calmly live and operate from Flow. Crystals and gemstones are here and will help you.

During this process a person finds, nurtures, and develops strong inner-strength, inner-positivity muscles and starts to notice just the good things all around currently existing. There exists negative things, people, and self-talk because these are not from the Laws of Nature they always disappear. Negativity is unnatural and cannot survive without energy. Black Obsidian and Lava Rock are great protectors against negative energy.

Living in Flow makes a person feel self-confident which increases engagement in life. This momentum leads to asking more fulfilling, more direct questions to get more specific answer. You get more from life and you are getting closer to discovering your Purpose. Crystals & Gemstones encourage you unconditionally.

Life Purpose can be many things and while using Crystals the person feels better and more confident. Expectations rise together with as new abilities emerge. You have become more and can give more of yourself. This becomes a positive feedback loop that you can see and feel and you no longer tolerate certain things that used to be “normal” to you.

Depression becomes a thing of the past. What did you say, I used to be depressed!? With so many delightful, good things happening you remember how it used to feel, but it is not is no longer your truth. You live in a positive space and depression doesn't exist for you.


Now you have arrived to the Big Dance ready to smile and you are ready to see what can happen. You are confident and understand your own abilities. You have your crystals & gemstones by your side that you can count on them to be there; you are not alone.

Things feel calm and happy. It feels good to take very good care of yourself and you gladly do so all the time.

You understand how you got here and what you overcame. You walked into the light out of the dark place of depression to re-connect with yourself and your life. And it worked especially well once you knew what to look for and which tools to help you.

Your life needed to be transformed and you did it yourself. You always had it within you and now have unlocked it. Crystals & Gemstones as promised have given stable and grounded energy. It feels radiant and wow what a smile you wear. Things that bothered you before or triggered no longer have this power.

Note: these results are usual and are certain for those who keep working at it. It is only giving up that slows momentum. You are about to have the most fun of your life!

You can trust yourself because you learned to read, understand, and trust your inner signals - your intuition. You have learned what is good for your own care and are fully able to take care of yourself. Also you are now able, because of who you became following your Life Purpose, to give so much of what you have become to others making their lives better.

Going this path has healed not just the depression it has healed everything, it has fully healed you. You no longer need other people or outside things to tell you that you are good because you know you are good.

Your journey has begun. Take this step if you are ready to grab this. This is your moment. Negative people and negative inner thoughts can try to knock you off balance. This is because they cannot exist naturally and need your energy and attention to survive. Who do you give your life energy to...

Now you know, Crystals & Gemstones are no a secret, they are treasures for everyone. These ancient guides become a deeply personal part of your support system and like for any treasure, measures are taken to keep them safe in a positive space.

It started by giving positive to your Heart to open your Heart. The space opened up to where you end up living. Now go find your crystal!

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