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Insights by Peaceful Island

Welcome to Insights by

Insights gives understanding & greater awareness to the power of using these incredible natural crystals and gemstones to increase your Well Being. Natural stones have the power to affect mood, to give guidance, and change people's lives using the frequencies of each Crystal.

Enjoy and use Crystals & Gemstones for their physical abilities or because you find them interesting or you just can't put it down.

Energize, reclaim, and create your life, all of these are outstanding reasons to jump-in to the Benefits that Crystals & Gemstones give you.

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Enjoy Peaceful Island and Welcome!

Green Gemstones: The Crystals of Wealth & Money

Peaceful Island


The mind-body-spirit is a Garden, the seeds you plant…grow

Wealth thoughts grow wealth when they are the dominant thoughts. The full support of wealth crystals and gemstones boost you on the way to the next level no matter where you are now. This color of these stones is important, not because it is the color of money, these crystals are known to boost attract energy within the carrier that maintain wealth. They are considered to be luck magnets, so why is this?

The green color crystal is a Heart Frequency

The crystal frequency, the textures, and the shapes of the stones represent a human sensation of growth-resonation energy or a growth-feeling pattern. This growth pattern affects people. The color green is healing and encouraging to the Heart, which is interesting because it might be guessed that Pink is the Heart color; and this is also true.

Green vibrates wealth and abundance. The effect of this resonation has the same outcome as the tuning fork experiment from high school when one starts resonating so do the others nearby, and it is true:

a laughing baby resonates laughing people

wealth energy resonates wealth

Rejuvenating Ambition & Desire

Something dramatic happens to the mind-body-spirit when using wealth Crystals and Gemstones to give tenderness to the Heart. A domino reaction occurs within the person tipping momentum in the wealth & abundance direction. Working with this change of tide and letting it flow means allowing wealth to accumulate to you. It works by a sequence of mind-body-spirit healing that opens blocked energy within the Heart to flow for freely which causes greater awareness which stirs the embers of ambition and desire that are the glowing seeds of wealth creation.

Clarifying, Deciding, & Releasing

Using wealth crystals to boost positive thinking and to encourage positive steps forward allows distress to unwind. Positive, concentrated effort that clarifies and focuses on good feeling outcomes without becoming distracted by worry, anxiety, and depression lets a natural process take place to release them because it takes a lot of energy to keep them balled up. And given one guess, enthusiasm, what do you think happens to re-vitalize your desires when this energy begins to unlock and flow freely through the body…

This process starts a increasing resonation within mind-heart-spirit harmony and when this happens it increases a gravity to identify purpose, to iron it out, to make optimal choices, and to work at it from that day forward.

The Heart leads the way!

Heart harmony is a precursor to building wealth. When a person is able to live in a wealth mentality and feel this full richness can one enrich others, receive the flows of wealth, and to retain the wealth once it flows in. This behavior pattern creates “wealth” on the day to day basis. Green Gemstones refresh the energy to create abundance with a waves of positive Heart energy.

Continued below are some examples of Wealth Attracting Crystals & Gemstones. They are all great stones for building wealth and healing emotional blocks. The differences are in the nuances of when and how to use them to prepare for wealth, to receive wealth, and to retain wealth.

Wealth Preparation – Heart Healing

Malachite, the “stone of transformation” is used for deep energy cleaning and healing. It encourages life-changing, positive transformations.


Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. It refreshes and opens the spirit to welcome in new wealth and abundance of real prosperity, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Tree Agate boosts you during a heavy life storm. It calms creating inner peace with a centering frequency. It is a highly lucky stone for creating good in your life, an excellent good luck stone.

Peridot energizes the body's essential energy giving a deep feeling of rejuvenation. It brings prosperity by enabling the creative bodies. It calms and soothes anxiety and fears giving power to the self-esteem confidence to create.

Zoisite is a time-delayed stone that gives extensive healing over a long period of time lowering anxiety or worry and creates a gravity drawing well-being. It energizes and supports the recovery of the hormonal system specifically the adrenal glands.

Rainforest Jasper braces the body for detox. It cleanses the physical body of old mental blockages for wealth and physical toxins in the body to heighten your openness to receive wealth.

Receiving Wealth

Green Onyx encourages focus & self-development. This is a good luck stone that is grounding and calming to stress and anxiety during an acute time, persistently encouraging re-focusing.

Jade known for increasing luck and prosperity, this stone attracts thriving and wealth. It also supports deep mind-body-spirit healing and a positive attitude in regards to the self.

Aventurine, a good luck stone, is a heart healer that improves general well being. It opens up inner growth and spiritual work.

Retaining Wealth

Emerald supports the energy of retaining wealth and affection. It amplifies optimism and patience and encourages mental concentration and focus.

- or -

Try searching for your stone: ex. “law of attraction”, “citrine”, “wealth”, “men’s onyx bracelet”

Enjoy Peaceful-Island and Welcome!


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