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Insights by Peaceful Island

Welcome to Insights by

Insights gives understanding & greater awareness to the power of using these incredible natural crystals and gemstones to increase your Well Being. Natural stones have the power to affect mood, to give guidance, and change people's lives using the frequencies of each Crystal.

Enjoy and use Crystals & Gemstones for their physical abilities or because you find them interesting or you just can't put it down.

Energize, reclaim, and create your life, all of these are outstanding reasons to jump-in to the Benefits that Crystals & Gemstones give you.

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The Best Online Guide to Wearing Men's Bracelets - Mastering Men's Jewelry - Stones, Leather & Steel

Peaceful Island

How to Wear Men’s Bracelets

You are In The Right Place: If you want to know more about how to wear and use men's bracelet and jewelry accessories.

Figuring Out Men’s Jewelry

Which Stones are Protection Stones

Men’s Bracelets Left or Right Wrist

How to Find the Right Bracelet for You

If Men’s Jewelry is a new thing for you or if you are already collecting this guides aims to make it easier for you to quickly learn the basics about why this type of Men’s jewelry is so appreciated and to help you to discover the magic for yourself.

Before getting into specific questions & answers there are some helpful details to be aware of with these bracelets that helps answer why they are so popular. This information is very good to know to help you to expand your style, to de-mystify crystals and gemstones, and to help you to try it out and see for yourself.

In this guide you will read about what you need to know for today’s ultimate masculine jewelry for Men. This guide breaks-it-down for you about the how, why, and what questions of picking out the right or the best jewelry.

In this guide, these basics will show yoou more about how the power of crystals and gemstones will automatically enable something unexpectedly important to happen in a person’s life. It can reveal to you ways in which these stones can help you in your life much more than you might have guessed possible by wearing jewelry… you can open a new door to potential.

Are you starting to sense it more now, what is really here. Crystals are a doorway. Are you ready to go into the rabbit hole?

Today the most popular types of bracelets today are Stone Beaded Bracelets, Leather Bracelet Wraps and Leather Cuffs, and Stainless Steel Bracelet with Chain Links. Some Men’s bracelets contain all three, some two , some are made of just stone leather or steel such as in the gemstone bead bracelet, the leather cuff, and the linked chain. There are also trends of macrame bracelets, symbols for religion such as Buddhism and Christianity, and Viking Jewelry.

By far the majority of men are wearing and using these bracelets for three reasons

  • for the aesthetic.

  • for the energy of the stones, leather, metals.

  • for the healing and protective properties of the beads and symbols.

In choosing jewelry one can consider the options Men typically want

  • to wear impressive looking jewelry.

  • to increase and amplify a specific feeling that the stone gives off like self-confidence, prosperity, wealth, and to increase clarity in the mind for focus and concentration.

  • to feel guided or protected from negative energy, bad luck, and misfortune.

Men’s Bracelets & Fashion Accessories for Men

Men's fashion accessories have been much more popular in everyday life. Walking down the street it is easy to find many or most everyday guys wearing some form of personal jewelry such as leather wraps, stacked beaded bracelets, wrap around bracelets, layered bracelets on one or on both wrists. Times and styles have evolved for guys to express, benefit, and enjoy jewelry for men beyond only the classics: the watch, cuff-links, and pinky ring.

To make it simple, these materials have a fashion style to them, properties and benefits of the materials used to make them, and certain feeling that they have when worn. These three factors are all to consider when figuring out what you like and your style. Today Men’s Bracelets are made of special materials such as crystals and gemstones plus other natural materials such as leather and stainless steel, and are bound by macrame cord, metal clasps, and elastic for sizing and added stylistic details.

The bracelets of this guide have been handcrafted by designers, metaphysical energy gemstone experts, and knowledgeable spiritual healers that have created powerful pieces to look stunning for the men of today to discover and pick up. Finding and wearing incredible jewelry is here for everyone and now that you are becoming aware of these ancient hidden powers a cascade of events can begin.

This process can usually start with the aesthetic look, in other words, what draws you in and captures your eyes. The imagination finds the enchantment in the crystals for you. And these are the right ones for you.

What looks amazing to you will also feel incredible to wear. It might be a surprise which gemstones grab your attention, this is what makes the process of shopping around for bracelets so curious and so interesting. The gut feeling or intuition will tell you what you need, you will know it. In fact it is known that the crystals choose you.

It can be that you just love the bracelet! It might surprise you to love a green or a blood-red stone bracelet of Garnet beads when normally you love green and blue. This is part of the underlying meaning behind these pieces of jewelry: the materials hold energies and the Human body reacts to them just like a radio to the frequencies of the stations.

Macrame Bracelets for Men

Men ‘s Macrame bracelets are handmade, hand-tied bracelets combining a variety of materials between the knotted pattern. Many bracelets are blended with gemstones, some include more dramatic features such as specialty beads and Cubic Zirconia Diamonds that dazzle the eyes. These Macrame bracelets are a good style option for men with small and x-large wrists because the fashion look of the design usually contains adjustable sizing straps. These beaded bracelets also can contain religious symbol such as the “six true words” of Buddhism, Buddha Head Beads, and Spirit Animal Guides.

Men’s Stone Bracelets

In everyday use Crystals and Gemstones are used interchangeably. These are mostly called semi-precious stones and this refers to stones that are used in many bracelets for guys. They look impressive and have incredible metaphysical properties. The aesthetic is a guide, however to get deeper into male jewelry culture and under the surface into the spiritual aspect of things here is the doorway to this new frontier of your life.

The materials for these Men's bracelets comes from natural sources meaning the Earth has been forming them for millions of years until they are created into beads and amulets for use in this gemstone bracelet. These are natural gemstones like Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, Tiger Eye and Black Onyx, Lava Rock and Black Obsidian. There are many colorful stones like Jasper and Agate that can be all colors of the spectrum such as incredible blues, reds, browns, and greens. They can be translucent stones that seem to have a hidden world contained within such as the Clear Quartz and Smokey Quartz Crystal.

What is the Meaning of Metaphysical

Metaphysical in short means what cannot be touched. Emotions and gut feeling are metaphysical. The smell and taste of coffee and the actual sound of the song "What a Wonderful World" are physical.

Compare the physical sense of sound vs the inner feeling of the song; which is metaphysical.

Peacefulness, creativity, self-confidence, feeling unstoppable, and inner strength are all metaphysical. Crystals and Gemstones in this jewelry are amplifiers to metaphysical experiences such as these.

Do you want to increase your creativity and belief in yourself? To wear Tiger Eye Stones is energizing to the self-confidence as the energy of the Sun is warming to the skin.

Men’s Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets for Men can be made as a cuff that wraps and ties or has a clasp. It can be a wrap around bracelet that gives the stacked look. It can be an adjustable bracelet that closes like a belt does.

There are different styles and designs such as masculine elegant that would pair up with a suit. There are daytime urban and island style surfer casual bracelets that are perfect for everyday use.

There are leather bracelets with pendants and protective amulets such as Men’s Viking bracelets. Some bracelets have charms that can be made of stainless steel such as an anchor charm and the Norse Vegvisir charm (the Viking Compass). Others can be made with religious symbols such as the Christian Cross or made with Mala beads which are Buddhist prayer beads from Tibet containing prayer mantras.

Leather bracelets for guys are popular for the way they feel when worn. It is a natural, grounding feeling to wear all leather bracelets. And there is a strong feeling to wearing Stainless Steel.

Adding crystals, pendants, charms, and symbols strengthens the energy and focus of the meaning which can be tailored to you and what is most meaningful to you. This is what gives Men’s bracelets the significance to the each person so much more in addition to how they look. And this makes these so excellent when worn as a bonus to personal style.

Express your uniqueness without saying a word. Just follow the guide to find what is the right gemstone blend for you.

Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelets

Stainless Steel bracelets typically are cuff bracelets and linked chains. There are many great styles such as the Cable Chain, the Rolo, the Cable Chain, and the Wheat pattern chain. Today a great style is the Cuban Curb Chain Bracelet. This is a variation of the classic curb chain that looks great on the wrist of any man.

Men’s Stainless Steel chains can easily be combined as double bracelets with other materials like Leather and stones to give a stacked look (and to give you more energy properties and benefits) when worn. The powers of crystals and gemstones are legends of the ancient masters that are seldomly discussed, is this a hidden secret… try for yourself and be the judge.

Benefits of Men’s Viking Jewelry

Viking Jewelry for Men is popular by giving off a strong, decisive masculine energy. The Vikings were warriors and had a strong sense of self and trusted their inner guides, their spirit guides, and the guidance of Gods like Thor and Odin.

Viking Men held beliefs about true manhood and how to take care of one’s family, home, and livelihood.

These symbols such as the Vegvisir and Mjolnir give Men today these same tools of these Vikings to ask and to define ones sense of self in a positive masculinity using symbols and strong clear energies of the past from these known Heros and protectors.

Which Stones Are Protection Stones

Protective stones look great aesthetically. Imagine the impressive look of black Onyx beads, Lava Rocks, and the Tiger Eye. They are incredible to wear and just looking at them, there is no question as to why the ancient cultures and Men across time have used these stones in bracelets as protective amulets and beads.

And now the choice is yours.


Men’s Bracelets Left or Right Wrist

Some men prefer to wear one beaded bracelet combined with a watch. This combination is a standard style and is also a genuine way to start if wearing jewelry is new to you. For the guys that are more accustomed to wearing jewelry it can become addicting and not only are they stacking multiple bracelets, they can be doing so on the left wrist and the right wrist. If you are like many scratching your head wondering does the left or right wrist mean anything... the answer, in short is, yes.

When wearing a beaded bracelet made with crystals and gemstones like Black Onyx or Turquoise there are metaphysical benefits and properties that when worn on the wrist: left or right (or a bracelet on both) the stones interact with the energy field of your body giving you these benefits, just like the Sun gives you warmth and music makes your feet tap.

Colorful stones like Blue Lapis Lazuli, Blue Sodalite, Red Carnelian, White Howlite, Tiger Eye which forms in many colors as Red Tiger Eye, Blue Tiger Eye, and Classic Golden Tiger Eye, and there is the blood-red Garnet, these gemstones and crystals contain powers, frequencies, energies that you can feel in your hand when holding them, just as can be seen in pictures. Just imagine how it feels to have this beaded stone leather and steel jewelry and how it feels to receive the energy they have to give you.


Left or Right Wrist

Natural materials hold energies that benefit the body this you now know and these pieces are available for you to use. This question about Left and Right Wrist is about receiving and giving energy.

When worn on the left wrist the stones bring in metaphysical energy to the body.

When worn on the right wrist the stones give off metaphysical energy from the body.

Here is an example. Black Onyx, Black Lava Stone, Golden Tiger Eye, and Blue Turquoise are all protective stones that are used to protect against negative energy which means they have properties and benefits to protect you against negative experiences, negative people, and also negative inner thoughts. It is true, they can remove the negative energy from your mind, your body, and spirit and send it away to remove them from your being depending on the stones used and how they are positioned on the body.

The right wrist will enable the protection stone to create a protective shield against outside negativity from experiences, people, and from psychic attack; this means when a person sends bad intentions towards you to create harm. The protective stone returns the energy to the sender and like the Post Office it always delivers.

On the left wrist will enable the protective stone to bring protective energy inward and will help release and draw out negative feelings and memories. It is important to understand that the protective stones mentioned above do this for you. Emotions are a form of energy which gets trapped, stuck in the organs and tissues of the body. Protective stones help it to become free, to move, and to release from the body in the process of grounding.

Men’s Bracelets - Astrology & the Zodiac Signs

There are optimal energies to boost each sign of the Zodiac containing properties and benefits to support the Aries sign, the Leo, the Scorpio, Cancer Zodiac signs, there are beaded gemstones for all which can be found among all forms of Men’s bracelets and jewelry.

By wearing these materials, the stones, the metals, the leather you are enabling your thought and intuition to determine and design the look and the effects according to your desires. You can decide or leave it up to your intuitive gut feelings by enchantment in the stones and follow what is impressive. These ancient tools to win and to gain the advantages in life, do use them!

If you have questions, they can be written in the comments below.

To learn more...

In the world of crystals and gemstones all colors are both relevant and impact vital areas of the body. These are energy centers called Chakras, there are seven and they are called the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.

On Insights by Peaceful-Island there is much more information to help you explore the dynamics of your body's energy centers, what they are and why they matter to you. You can also learn about energy healing, meditation, and yoga and how these all impact your life to transform you into Super You and these techniques for unlocking your inner powers use crystals and gemstones to help you get the hang of it and to fully benefit.

Learn More with Insights by Peaceful-Island

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