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Insights by Peaceful Island

Welcome to Insights by

Insights gives understanding & greater awareness to the power of using these incredible natural crystals and gemstones to increase your Well Being. Natural stones have the power to affect mood, to give guidance, and change people's lives using the frequencies of each Crystal.

Enjoy and use Crystals & Gemstones for their physical abilities or because you find them interesting or you just can't put it down.

Energize, reclaim, and create your life, all of these are outstanding reasons to jump-in to the Benefits that Crystals & Gemstones give you.

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14 Best Crystals to Increase the Chances of Your Entrepreneurial Success (psst. they boost you…)

Peaceful Island


The Entrepreneur, the Hyped-Up vs. the Grounded

Entrepreneurs Beating the Odds

Merriam-Webster defines an Entrepreneur as a person one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.

A purely literal definition of Entrepreneur, taking a look under the hood of the successful entrepreneur one finds an intuitive way of living, an integrated way of seeing existence based on one thing: creating. It is a way of living that is based on keeping one eye on the crystal ball in this hand while laying bricks with the other placing them as perfectly as possible.

Effective action is the basic exponential factor for successful entrepreneurs on the road to traction, managing, and expanding. The intended benefit is created into the good thing because of anticipated action and decisions that are free from emotional blocks. The crystal ball is important because looking through it, real or metaphorically, all decisions are connected to the outcome. Emotional blocks, expectations, fear of disappointment, worry, and anger cause decisions to be made that are not seen through the crystal ball and are note connected to the outcome.

Actions connected to the intended outcome gives success vs failure in everyday terms. This means the outcome gains momentum or loses momentum based on if the decisions made are connected to it or not. If yes, the naturally the bricks are placed in the right places and the outcome continues to manifest.

Releasing of emotional blocks using Crystals and Gemstones creates a grounded, positive space is where crystals give benefits to Entrepreneurs encouraging full-engagement mode and stable energy for clarity and the ability to focus on the intended outcome. Focusing on the outcome + laying the bricks in the right spot for the outcome are the biggest determinants of the 100% success rate for the Entrepreneur.

Crystals Amplify a Person's Powers

Each Crystal and each Gemstone has a frequency, color, and texture. These properties impact living things because they interact with human energies at a physical level and they impact perceptions on an emotional level; the metaphysical level.

Together Crystals and Gemstones support a positive, natural energetic space for creating positive things and attraction. Crystals amplify that feeling inside of the entrepreneur that “You are the answer.”

Crystals & Gemstones are Incredible Tools in Your Hands

For increasing and amplifying insight and intuition, Entrepreneurs benefit from using Crystals and Gemstones together with other techniques like meditation and yoga to assist in becoming fully aware of their own purpose and power. These incredible stones and jewelry impacts the human ability to connect intuitively with a greater sense of Purpose in Life. And furthermore, on the Universal, bigger picture -level, to decide the highest and best path to follow, because, as people know you can be living many different lives, and the success example has a habit of putting the best foot forwards and living the best version. The best version is made possible by knowing the outcome and working towards it. Crystals and Gemstones are the best friends to intended outcomes and to entrepreneurs pursuing them.

The Intuition already speaks this language. For the entrepreneur the Crystal increases the loudness and clarity of the messages that leads to the awareness and insight that is so deeply desired. Becoming aware of one's own abilities and to focus this on intended outcome is the game changer between a “blocked” unsuccessful person and an “engaged” successful one working in “Flow-States”.

Getting Into Flow States

Crystals and Gemstones support getting into Flow. The Crystal ball reveals the outcome the Oak tree and the brick is the seed. Flow is the knowledge and action that puts the seed into the Earth and making sure it has what it needs, Sunlight, water, and a positive environment to grow.

The Oak seed become the Oak tree. It always has and it always will.

Potential + Actions = Result

Crystals remind the carrier to dismiss blocks, to shift the focus back onto the days intended outcome - to release blocks on all levels and to continue creating until the outcome is here. This is enormously encouraging and inspiring awareness: in-spire: inner...influence. The in-spiration builds energy and enthusiasm. Add momentum with clear outcome + progress... Progress leads to 100% success .

This is the ideal setting for an entrepreneur to develop the intended outcome. If this is not the case currently a re-calibration means the 100% difference. Crystals Gemstones Meditation Yoga and Healing Jewelry are examples of tools and methods to find the needed clarity and lay out the best choices for incredible possible outcomes.

Continued below…


Entrepreneurship Viewed as Being “your own boss”

In a hyped-up category of faux entrepreneurship being the boss actually is confused with “owning” a job function. So what does this mean.

Employees are people working a job as technician in a business doing the same technical task and are paid hourly for laying of particular bricks that does not comprise the bricks of the full-picture. The technician has an important role in the outcome of a business whether or not employed by the company or working as an independent contractor or freelancer. A taxi driver is their own boss in this definition, so is a roofer, so is an accountant, and a physician. The difference lies in the owning the full outcome vs laying specific bricks for the outcome desired by someone else.

In a common case, as an employee a person has the thought, “I can do this better myself” and converts this thought into an independent activity that also requires an independent business structure around it.

Here is the dirty secret, this is usually not creating a business per say for a determined outcome. Practically, it shifts the job function PLUS more skill sets of specific business management tasks onto the plate. Because of this disconnect between intention and outcome, owning the job depletes energy because it is still laying bricks for an outcome owned by someone else. So the “own boss” situation loses steam and momentum with cash as the outcome.

The person creates a job that they now own and must lay bricks relentlessly disconnected from the enriching outcome. This is the entrepreneur according to Merriam-Webster... but a categorically circumstance.

Born Creator Superpowers

Children are born Creators. It is helpful when realizing that it has always been within and has been somehow forgotten because what has been lost can be rediscovered because this inner desire wants to be free. Desire is constantly knocking at the door.

Is today the day to answer it...

Everyone has the Entrepreneurs Creation Seeds and by amplifying the inner desire to clarify, to decide, and to embrace the outcome. These seeds are naturally within all people, at all times, waiting to be unlocked so that it can flow. Crystals and Gemstones are perfect amplifiers for this and are phenomenal tools for boosting Intuition and Heart energy.

Crystals and Gemstones give people the support and encouragement to overcome emotional blocks releasing all of this blocked energy. Without this restricting pressure this individual, pops up to the surface like a cork under water and blooms in the keys to entrepreneurial success Self Confidence and Self Acceptance. Planting these seeds of Intention become assured with support from Crystals and Gemstones because they increase the abilities of listening, clarifying, deciding, and the fortitude of determination

Intention: Shifting the Creation Power into Your Hands

Shift into the Creator-mode when releasing the limitations of the job and creating an entirely new method by asking more pointed questions about the Intention.

The Outcome requires the person to ask, “What do I need to create that needs to be in this World. What am I the particular answer for? of these, what is most important for me to create. And what do I want to do”.

Asking these question about clarity and importance creates the needed gas to energize to the Self into Creator-mode and complete immerses and enthralls; a night and day difference to owning a job, akin to owning the job of caterpillar.

The Caterpillar Emerges a Butterfly

By asking these specific questions the answers shift the power into one’s own hands and a Creator emerges out of the cocoon of desire. It is the Entrepreneur; a person who knows the answer, accepts the answer, and then responsibly engages, owning this genuine, chosen path and to bring this outcome persistently forth as the path unfolds through the progression of life.

Previously it was the ego that decided what was “on the table” and “being the boss”. Now it is the Intuition and Wisdom which can be amplified, encouraged, and energized to reveal truthful answers on the path to total success in all cases 100% of the time.

Crystals and Gemstones support getting past all barriers to recognizing truths and then living fully from these truths. They offer this on their most basic level because this is what Crystals & Gemstone themselves represent.

Crystals for the Intuition

  • Citrine is a wealth and prosperity stone. It brings about sudden understandings that lead to new opportunities that ultimately lead up to huge successes in life (more)

  • Hematite clears and purifies the emotions. It stabilizes self-esteem and energizes life-visioning intuition clarifying truths and non-truths that are personal beliefs about oneself.

  • Sodalite brings inner peace combining logic, intuition, and wisdom. It unites the logical and the spiritual.

  • Blue Agate opens up and expands conscious awareness. It attracts good fortune, encourages calmness, and increases clarity by amplifying inner thoughts.

  • White Turquoise is an ancient protective stone that enhances abilities to gain higher knowledge from the spirit world, ancestral guides, higher power.

  • Chrysocolla expels negative energy, calms and allows truth and inner wisdom to be heard. It is a stone of compassion, peace and forgiveness.

Crystals for the Heart

  • Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. It refreshes and opens the spirit to welcome in new wealth and abundance of real prosperity, self-esteem, and self-worth.

  • Howlite opens awareness and calms repetitive thinking. It enhances understanding of self, of others, and situations. Discover new insights and let go of things of the past.

  • Green Malachite, the “stone of transformation” is used for deep energy cleaning and healing. It encourages life-changing, positive transformations.

  • Jasper Beads excites the Chi and charges the aura with energy. It deepens the intellect & memory, encouraging reflection for wisdom.

Crystals for Self-Confidence and Inner Strength

  • Red Agate is a protective stone from negative energies and boosts emotional poise, confidence, and concentration in stressful moments.

  • Golden Brown Sandalwood, use the beads of this handcrafted bracelet to embolden you along your path of Success & Prosperity.

  • Picture Jasper is a deeply grounding stone that is excellent for opening up a creative flow.

  • Blue Turquoise enhances power, luck, and protections. Protector against all things evil. It gives happiness, clear thinking, and empowerment.


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