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Insights by Peaceful Island

Welcome to Insights by

Insights gives understanding & greater awareness to the power of using these incredible natural crystals and gemstones to increase your Well Being. Natural stones have the power to affect mood, to give guidance, and change people's lives using the frequencies of each Crystal.

Enjoy and use Crystals & Gemstones for their physical abilities or because you find them interesting or you just can't put it down.

Energize, reclaim, and create your life, all of these are outstanding reasons to jump-in to the Benefits that Crystals & Gemstones give you.

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The Keys to Well Being - Wellness & High Vibration Living

Peaceful Island


The Keys To

Well Being &

Raising Your Vibration

Energy Healing for Beginners

Underneath everything in the Universe: the clouds, the mountains, the trees, all living and non-living things are made up of a basic unit: energy.

What is High Vibration Living

Energy Healing Holds the Keys to Wellness & Well-Being. Simply put, Well-Being and Wellness means things feel good for you.

What is Energy?

The greatest thinkers and scientists of all time, Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton and Nicola Tesla have worked to figure out what Energy is and how it works. The top minds of today are still working to explain this infinite question that yet still follows specific Laws, the Laws of Nature.

In everyday terms, just like you understand that your body breathes, what basic energy IS remains less important than understanding what it DOES. You breath,… and also energy flows… Problems happen when energy is blocked just like if your breath is blocked.

At the core everything is made of energy. To the Scientist things must be measured mechanically to find patterns and to understand things.

Western medicine foris not used Universally for around the Earth because of an important distinction for which you can be the judge.

What is the difference between Healing & Curing.

Healing vs Curing

Different professions bring perspectives and solutions to the table to solve a certain problem. At the core everything is made of energy.

Energy Healing addresses Body-Mind-Spirit problems using Inner Guides and Intuition to sense, find, and release energy blocks that have formed AND to eliminate the underlying reason why the Block formed. There are many tools for this type of healing. Let's define Healing and Curing.

Healing is a process that works towards an end goal of wholeness of the Body-Mind-Spirit. Curing is a process that erases symptoms of a dis-ease.

Curing is a set of techniques and tools used to eliminate uncomfortable signs the body-mind is showing of dis-ease. Because it is designed to eliminate visible problems and is popular in acute situations like an injury and for dis-ease control Curing is not required to create Well-Being nor a state of Wellness.

There are Healing techniques and there are Curing techniques.


The Goal of Healing is Wellness and Well-Being. The body is tied to the Laws of Nature. Nature exists in energetic harmony and so does the Human Body. These are the same Laws that keep the Moon in orbit around the Earth and dissolve the blocks causing depression for positive Well-Being. It is a Law of Natural to be in a state of Wellness and Health also called Positive Resonance with all things.

In basic terms this means all of the Beneficial Health techniques are used to optimize the health of the Being into complete energy harmony within itself and into energy harmony with the other things in existence. The sickness and disease lies not within the symptoms, it lies within the feelings and energetic blocks within the Being. So what does this mean for Well-Being. The answer lies within the word itself Well —- Being. Release the blocks make the Being… well.

That the chest pains means a deep feeling problem within the Heart. That a head cold is an energy blockage that must be cleared. The body is Naturally Flowing with energy and “well”. Release the energy block and the Body re-orients as the Laws of Nature dictate.



The Goal of Curing is rapid disease control and rapid mending to acute injury. This entails making the visible and uncomfortable dimensions of injury and disease appear under control and to make pain unnoticeable below pain sensory threshold.

In Basic Curing symptoms are treated, a person gets a cold or a tightness in the chest. Curing stops the runny nose. Curing stops the chest pressure using anxiety medication and with bypass surgery. These methods are a short-circuits for dis-ease regulation.

Curing techniques are generally short-term actions that reduce symptoms and restrain sickness. To be considered a successful Curing it is not required to find and address the underlying reason the body became “sick”. This process uses terms like remission, symptoms not showing, and reemergence.

Curing has a set of treatments available to help a person keep a state of disease restraint, “remission” or “health”. It uses mechanical measurements, forced physical alterations to the body called Surgery, it makes physical changes to the body with chemical reactions called medicating.

Curing can be highly successful for example in rapid disease control and for life threatening and severe injuries to the body.

Outcome, Is it to Heal or to Cure?

Comparing Healing & Curing clarifies the power to choose. Understanding the end goals of Healing vs the end goals of Curing supports the re-mapping of the Beliefs on the intended outcome.

It opens the mind to listening to one’s Inner Guides, the Intuition of what feels right, and to the belief in the ability to heal and to become fully engaged in life full of energy.

Choices creating Well-Being are cumulative. The distinction between Healing and Curing liberates Well-Being. No longer is the answer coming from external sources because when you are in Well-Being and have Wellness things feel good for you. You just know it.

Outcome focused efforts to create Wellness and Well-Being always end up, according to the Natural Laws, in Well-Being. Seems simple enough. Then what is Energy Healing and what does Energy Healing do in basic terms?

To answer this question there let’s take a beginner’s guide look at some core aspects of the Body and what makes it operate. Then take a look at what tunes things up into High Vibration Living and Well-being.

The Human Body-Mind-Spirit is made of Energy. It is easy to understand the Physical Energy of the body just by touching it. The energy can be felt as heat, felt as a thump of the Heart, and it is easy to see, the blood is Flowing with a rhythm and a pressure.

Chakras are central to Energy Healing. Chakras are the Energy Centers of the Body-Mind-Spirit. There are 7 Chakras and each one has a relative openness for energy to flow through. But to keep things simple let’s take a look at some examples of Chakras in action.

Beginning Energy Healing - The Heart - The Heart Chakra - The 4th Chakra

The Body remembers memories and feelings. For example, where do you feel happy in your body? Is it in the Heart of is it in the Brain. Where does one feel contentment and feel happiness. Where does one feel sadness, regret, grief.

We feel very much in our Hearts and many many emotional memories are kept there. It is because the Heart processes feelings that they are felt there and not in the mind. This is why people say put your Heart into it and it feels good in my Heart.

Beginning Energy Healing - The Digestion - The Solar Plexus Chakra - The 3rd Chakra

In addition to the other organs of the body the stomach and whole digestive system stores memories. If this energy becomes blocked problems in the physical body happen. It is as if the experience or memory cannot be “digested”.

Even if it is not clear why the stomach and lower areas hurt, gain ulcers, become stuck, these issues occur when something emotional is not being digested. Energy Healing frees up the blocked energy and the thoughts can be “digested” again normally and then grounded to release the emotional energy out of the Body.

Understanding how emotional energy can be trapped in the body helps open up understanding of what emotions and memories exist throughout the body parts.

This awareness is part of the bigger picture of your Wellness. Does this make sense?

Beginning Energy Healing - Assists Energy to Flow

Emotions are Energy. Energy Healing enables blocked emotions to flows. Imagine that Lava is like anger, hot lava anger…. If the Lava meets a blocking point, like the stomach that cannot digest a feeling or a traumatic experience, then a block happens and what happens to the Lava. Later this develops into a larger energetic and physical problem like cancer and depression because the energy is blocked inside the body. The real goal of Anger is to, like the Lava, see it and allow it to flow through the body and out down to the Earth again calm.

At the core Energy Healing creates Wholeness for the whole body: the Physical Body + the Mind + the Spirit.

For Beginners: How Does Energy Healing Become Part of You?

Healing work brings dis-harmonies-depression, anxiety, insomnia of a person's energy back into harmony, like the guitar that needs to be tuned up. Energy work means learning to fine-tune the ears to be able to hear which strings are out of tune. Your Well-Being comes from learning personally how to hear the tuning of your Mind-Body-Spirit and to know:

  • when to give yourself some extra Self Love

  • when to Ground yourself

  • when to take important steps to make something happen

  • when to change course in your life

Your Inner Guides, inner signals, and the energy within you let you know, so who better than you for this job.

Believing in the Self - The Root Chakra - 1st Chakra

Energy Healing is about Self Belief. Energy Healing is an extension to the best of what you already know to make the best life for yourself.

Learning and listening accumulates over time so keep reading. Listening to your inner signals gives you the power to trust the very basic answer the inner guides give you: Does it feel good or bad. There are tools and techniques that you can use each day that amplify your inner signals and also harmonize the parts of the body.

What does Energy Healing Work Give You?

Energy Healing gives you Well-Being. It is a way to understand and make Wellness happen for you so that this yes/no answer is always a big “YES it does feel good.”

Energy Healing keeps the small things of life small because they have little impact on the feelings. Strong emotions determine very much. They are the are the true Energy Healers.

Energy Healing helps you decide the course of your life and what could be more key to your Well-Being. Your Inner Guides help you decide how to use your hands, your Heart, your Mind, and your sense of what feels good to create good.

Energy Healers, Doctors, and physical objects like Crystals & Gemstones, Pace-makers, mobile phones, all have energy impacts on the physical body some are good, some are not. It is within your power to decide how to approach Healing with the right outcome in mind to create harmony, to create Wellness, and to raise your Well-Being into High Frequency Living.

Meditation & Yoga, the food & water you eat, nurturing a positive attitude, good habits, Chakra Energy Healing, Acupuncture, reading and developing the mind, and positive people. These are all Life Purpose supportive techniques and tools.

Reading and responding to inner signals as a process accumulates dramatic benefits and is a form of accumulated Wealth. It impacts all areas of your Well-Being physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, family, and what you contribution during your life and what you have to appreciate.

Your inner guides hold all of the answers for you and your life. Energy Healing brings you forward from cultural norms, generally accepted beliefs, and conventional wisdom into the center of your own Body-Mind-Spirit where the answers truly exist. These Inner Guides are constantly communicating with you and encouraging you into your highest and best life because, unlike many other things of modern life, they always have your Well-Being at Heart.

Learn about Well Being with Insights by Peaceful Island