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Insights by Peaceful Island

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Insights gives understanding & greater awareness to the power of using these incredible natural crystals and gemstones to increase your Well Being. Natural stones have the power to affect mood, to give guidance, and change people's lives using the frequencies of each Crystal.

Enjoy and use Crystals & Gemstones for their physical abilities or because you find them interesting or you just can't put it down.

Energize, reclaim, and create your life, all of these are outstanding reasons to jump-in to the Benefits that Crystals & Gemstones give you.

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Enjoy Peaceful Island and Welcome!

A Transformation of “Perfectionist” into Excellent - Crystals to Release Emotional Blocks

Peaceful Island


Perfection vs Excellence: A Comparison

Why is it so hard to actually be perfect no matter how hard one tries to do it - you are in the right place.

Why does perfect actually feel so bad - you are in the right place

Perfection and excellence are not equal. The outcomes of excellent and perfect are miles apart and how differently do they feel inside. But wait is a second, if perfect is supposed to be right, then what good is anything else?

Perfection vs. Excellence, what is the difference?

Excellence is enormously positive to the Spirit and is a space to work at one’s best towards a determined outcome. Perfection is illusive and surrounded by errors, mistakes, failure, and disappointments and the outcome might not be desired at all.

Getting to an Excellent space is energizing while trying at Perfection is draining. If you find this confusing, you are not alone. The Excellent outcome and Perfect outcome are very different because of the feeling behind and the feelings that drive them towards the end result. Intention is spectacularly important.

Intention: what is done and why. Intention is at the Heart of Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence along the road to the intended outcome.

For the one doing Excellence the process of approval is an inner process that boosts and checks-in on the outcome again and again: “Am I on track, is this on track, how is it going…” Hopeful, positive, optimistic questions create high Self-Confidence in the Excellent outcome and is minus the self judgement, doubt, indecisiveness, and fear.

For the Perfectionist it is important to understand the process of approval and why it must come from within, meaning the inner guides, the Self, the Mind, the Spirit… guide and validate.

Excellence Energizes Enthusiasm & Builds Self Confidence

Excellent outcomes are superb outcomes because they require checking in on progress with positive, helpful questions that simultaneously builds self reliance, self acceptance, positivity, and working towards what will surely become the excellent result. The approval, validation, verification lies in the self and one’s own judgement of how did it go. Did the outcome meet the mark, did it turn out better than expected, did it not turn out, where am I with this now, what is going right, is there something that can be improved upon.

These answers are positive, emotionally boosting, energizing inner thoughts are focused on the positive outcome, the process of working it out, learning, and feeling great.

Perfection Drains Energy & Drags Down Self-Confidence

Perfection is in most cases is insufficient and completely inadquate as an outcome. Trying to be perfect or hold some sort of facade drains energy and oddly becomes a sort of standard that can give the owner feelings of being an imposter and a downward spiral of dread and doom which is understandable, avoidable, and not necessary for you that feels this way.

A Perfectionist’s life is filled with expectations and spending energy to avoid negative feelings like disappointment, fear, hesitation, indecision, and self-doubt that causes a person to feel lower and lower in a downward rolling spiral of lower self esteem, self worth, and lower confidence to get things right. Positive feelings create energy whereas negative feelings take energy.

The Perfectionist circumstance tends to happen when a person has become convinced that someone else has the better ability to judge a situation and to approve.

A baby was born a creator, to experience and to create themselves, they just do automatically. The Perfectionist still has this ability but just needs to remember this inborn, unchangeable fact. Perfectionists are pushed and pulled by rough winds of life until they give up or are fed up. It comes to a day, maybe like this one when something shakes loose, the game-changer happens, and things start to click.

The Good News for Perfectionists, it is a Skin to be Shed

Positive feeling create a totally different upward spiral and momentum that feels great along the way to amazing, incredible outcomes. Like the Snake sheds the old skin, so can the Perfectionist, yes! become about Excellence!

If this perfectionist is you, it is completely normal and understandable if you feel drained and like you can’t win. This way of going about things is not necessary nor in the best interest of the mind-body-spirit to continue. This thankless approach satisfies no one, so wheew, accepting that no one gets happy by this means why keep trying. Today can be the first day to just let it go and find a new way.

Is today the day?

Learning to accept, to release the worry, and to let go is a process on the road to high Self-Esteem and high Self-Worth. If this is your path then today you are one step closer to a good feeling, a new positive direction.

There is a dirty little secret about being Perfect. Is judgement and approval by someone else motivated by emotional control? “Perfection” is a box to put a person’s self-worth inside to confine. The dirty secret is that s/he is good enough,… s/he has a will of her own,… s/he can make decisions, and s/he is a natural born creator. S/he can judge just fine, but can use some help to block outside people from confusing things.

There is help to block the negative energies from negative people and help that can boost the positive , uplifting energies of self-esteem.

It can become difficult to realize it, but at this moment, s/he is a creator, s/he is enough and s/he can create. Positive thinking raises the vibration and leads to positive outcomes.

To create is what it means to be enough. S/he has come here to create and becoming aware of the mechanism of control, the box, is enough to say, hey, I can figure this out for myself give me a protection stone to block this negativity and to help me feel like I can do it. And the positivity starts rolling until s/he is moving at full speed, and free… When shedding the Perfectionist snake skin, do whatever works. Excellence is the energy release that set one free from the box.

Is today the day…

Shed the Skin, Change Starts Within

It is a basic question about Self-Worth: the first re-programming signals comes from a decision to find a new truth.

Crystals and Gemstones are a great best-friend to help find this new truth because they have are very stable energetically and have a pre-programmed truth themselves that the owner can “tune-in” (sense), and use. This is why these incredible gifts of nature have been used for thousands of years from the ancient cultures until now to boost the inner-strength of the people of today.

A suitable stone, like a protection stone or self-confidence stone, is determined by the color, texture, and the type of energy that it has. The goal is to find the right crystal for you right now. A Perfectionist can gain a positive influence to shed and letting go of fear or judgement by turning up the volume on inner-strength with a stone like Tiger Eye that is about accepting and using abilities to respond to situations without looking for outside opinions and approval. Emotional blocks can be released, fear can be released, worry can be released. Clarity is found, a life path becomes visible, and a person can develop a rejuvenated truth to live by.

Just the physical presence of Crystals and Gemstones makes an incredible, life-changing difference.

Crystals and Gemstones enable the thoughts and encourage living free from judgement, from a genuine truth, and giving freely of oneself. Crystals and Gemstones are like a good friend you can always count on, that “gets you”, and always has your best interest at Heart. This good friend is good at keeping you positive and keeping away the negativity so that you can let go of the old skin and gain more continuous positive momentum. They turn up the volume so that when trying to listen to one’s inner guides the excellent ideas come through loudly and clearly. And now s/he can see that yes, in my particular ways,… I do excellent work! (that is totally me!)

The importance in the approval process has shifted into real channel that truly makes life better. This is a night and day contrast made possible by a willingness to see things in true light through one’s own birth-right given lens. Is today the day!


Crystals to Release Blocks

  • Amazonite benefits opening of emotional issues and encourages energy healing. These Crystals balance stress and heal traumas while also calmly soothing energy in the home and at work.

  • Agate supports mind-body-spirit balance for inner stability. It encourages understanding the self, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.


Crystals for Appreciating Oneself

  • Heart Harmonizing Pink Rose Quartz gives unconditional love, compassion, tenderness. It helps you find true love within yourself above all filling the aura with loving positive energy.

  • Uplifting Rhodochrosite enhances spirituality and attuning to ones higher self. It expands consciousness and encourages inner peace and Self Love.

  • Pearl gemstones stand for radiance, luster, nobility, and love.

Try searching for your stone: ex. “protection stone”, “benefits of Tiger Eye”, “healing jewelry”, “onyx jewelry”

Enjoy Peaceful Island and Welcome!

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