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WHAT ARE CRYSTALS - Do They Actually Work? A Beginner's Guide by Peaceful Island

Your Top Questions Using Crystals & Gemstones for Well Being - Insights by Peaceful Island

Welcome to Insights by

Insights gives understanding & greater awareness to the power of using these incredible gifts of Nature to your Well Being. Crystals and Gemstone have the power to affect mood, to give guidance, and change people's lives using the frequencies of each Crystal.

Enjoy and use Crystals & Gemstones for their physical abilities or because you find them interesting or you just can't put it down.

Energize, reclaim, and create your life, all of these are outstanding reasons to jump-in to the Benefits that Crystals & Gemstones give you.

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WHAT ARE CRYSTALS - Do They Actually Work? A Beginner's Guide by Peaceful Island

Peaceful Island



Crystals,… what are they? Crystals are a natural healing tool that are known to have been used for thousands of years dating back to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. They are minerals formed deep in the ground usually over millions of years. Crystals may not have the thinking capacity of humans or even biological reproductive systems of plants but crystals are filled with high frequencies and energies that can enhance and improve the quality of your life.


Yes absolutely, You are probably using and benefiting from crystals in your day to day life without even knowing it.

Here is the interesting part in all of this. Each crystal scientifically speaking emits a vibration at a specific frequency. These frequencies work in principle as a tuning fork and generates an electric charge known as the Piezoelectric Effect.

Without the use of Crystals our current most used electronics would not have existed. This includes our radios, cellphones and yes even our computers, fascinating!

Did you know that the original radio was created using crystals?

So what we are essentially doing when using these powerful crystals is allowing them to

“re-tune” us and bring us back to a frequency of balance and harmony.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration
— Nicola Tesla

A friendly reminder: each crystal has its own unique frequency which have uniquely different benefits for the carrier. While some crystals may bring you balance and harmony others could bring you protection and strength or serve as a pain relief or energizer.

The possibilities are endless and the options are in the thousands. Now it is just for you to start exploring!

If you want to know where to start and how to pick the best crystal for you, this article will be very helpful, click below to learn more.


Learn about Well Being with Insights by Peaceful Island