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Men's Bracelets

Supreme Men's Healing Beads Real Stone Chakra Bracelets. Spiritual Healing Mens Bead Cross Bracelet, Om symbol, the Buddha Head Bead & Tibetan Silver Beads, Gold Beads. Fully Adjustable Bracelets for Large Wrists, Small Wrists, XL, XXL. Stone Elastic Bracelets Easy to Stretch Over the Wrist. Mens Beaded Bracelet Set. Bead Bracelet Gifts for Guys, Men, Boss, Best Friend, Boyfriend, Husband, Brother.

Genuine, Individually Made By-Hand Luxury Stone Bracelets - Power Men's Fashion Earth Stones, Minerals, & Crystals Used Tiger Eye, Black Onyx, Hematite, Lava Stone, Black Obsidian, Matte Onyx, Rainbow Quartz, White Jasper Beads, Snowflake Obsidian Lava Rock, Garnet Natural Stones, Red Tiger Eye, Diamond Cubic Zirconia CZ Specialty Bling Beads - Iced Out Jewelry, Turquoise Stone Beads Bracelets.

Stellar Stone and Crystal Bracelets with Gemstones for Success, Money, Wealth, Prosperity. Crystals for Manifesting, Desires, Wishes. Gemstones for Relationships, Crystals for Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Worry, Insomnia. Gemstones for New Dads with Newborns, Fertility, Red Tiger Eye Sex Beads for Men's Sexual Health, Impotence, Sexual Dysfunction. Crystals for Self Confidence in the Bedroom, Intimacy, Sexual Playfulness.Find Our Energy Mens Bead Bracelets HERE, on Pinterest, on Instagram

Men's Classic Beaded Tiger Eye Bracelet


Men's Classic Beaded Tiger Eye Bracelet


Our Classic Men’s Tiger Eye bracelet is made with impressive Tiger Eye stones. This classic Men’s does not only look great but has fantastic healing properties as well. Each of our bracelets are assembled individually, by-hand. This bracelet is designed to fit over the hand and to rest just right on the wrist.

To read more about the crystals & gemstones and understand see the properties and benefits down below

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Natural stones Meanings & Benefits

Benefits of Tiger Eye

• Strength • Willpower • Protection •

Tiger Eye is the unsurpassed protection stone that is revered as the mighty guardian. It will keep you protected from negative intentions and energy by others. Tiger Eye will equip you with strength and willpower needed to get through any situation or accomplish your goals.

Product Details

Style: Men’s Beaded Bracelets

Natural Stones: Tiger Eye

Measurements: S 6.5” M 7.5” L 8.2” XL 9”

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