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Our Products

Peaceful Island is a jewelry brand with a purpose. We offer you handmade fair trade jewelry with a meaning. We offer Boho Beautiful Gypsy Festival Jewellery, Minimalist Jewelry & Crystal Healing Necklaces and Bracelets for Chakra Energy Reiki Healing. Peaceful Island offers a free download ebook for using crystals title: Living Your Peaceful Island. Download Yours Today.

Enjoy Peaceful Island Jewelry and Welcome!


Inspired by Peace

Peaceful Island was created with these thoughts and Ideas in mind


Fair Trade

Making The World a Better place

The thing that was very important to us when creating Peaceful Island is being able to contribute to the craftsmen and the laborers making it possible to obtain pure healing crystals and minerals.

Knowing the extensive process to obtain these precious stones and crystals we decided to leave out the middle man and work with the people directly. In doing so it enables us to compensate them fairly for their outstanding work.


Offer Jewelry with a Meaning

Jewelry for the soul

Jewelry is a wonderful and beautiful thing used by millions of people daily. It can make us feel beautiful, handsome, and special which is great, but what if jewelry can be something much more than just an item? That is where our journey started.

By combining jewelry with powerful stones crystals and healing materials we are able to not only offer beautiful jewelry but also offer jewelry that can impact the bearers life in incredible and meaningful ways.


We want you to feel special

Rare, Priceless, and Timeless

Most designs today follow modern trends which is contributing to many jewelry stores creating more of the same. Having a bracelet that everyone is wearing or that is mass produced does not feel that special does it?

Having one-of-a-kind hand crafted jewelry with precious stones and materials for a one-of-a-kind person is what we want to offer you, because you deserve to feel special.