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Mala Jewelry Collection of 2019 - Shop Your Mala Store

Welcome to this carefully arranged Mala Jewelry Collection. We have put together a phenomenal selection of Mala Bead Jewelry for you. Here you will find: Japamala authentic 108 bead mala necklaces, wrap wrist mala bracelets, handmade mala buddhist prayer necklaces, handmade mala bead jewellery sets. Using crystals gemstone rukraksha seeds tibetan silver beads with tassels crystal amulets druzy pendant. Beautiful elegant chakra healing self confidence esteem respect worth. Protect against negative people experience situations. detox make a major life change be more positive attract money success wealth partner relationship heal a relationship creativity leadership take your power back heal your voice reconnect feel happy joy

Peaceful Island's Spiritual Jewelry - 108 Mala Bead Necklaces & Sets


Shop Mala Necklaces

Only $89-159


Shop Wrist Mala Bracelets

Only $42-52


Shop Japa Malas

Only $39-44

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for example: ”rose quartz” “ “self-confidence mala“ “protection beads“ “mala necklace bracelet set”